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Tutorial - 'Chocobo Racing (or anything else)' by MrTooSmooth

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How to make a racing minigame!


This is my first tutorial, I hope it helps you, it may be a tad hard to follow, if you have questions, e mail me at

There are different things you can do for Chocobo racing, but this will work for any racing. This is generally simple; you will need to make 2 maps for this.

Part One, this is where it all starts out, the ticket booth, or whatever.

1. Make a map, any size, doesn’t matter.

2. Make an event, Same Level as hero, push key, and put in a choice saying “Race Yes/No” (Go to show choice) if it will cost money, insert change gold held to however much it costs to play. And add in a change switch, call it “Turbo Used” and turn it off (you’ll see why later). Then you will be adding in a teleport here, later (to the race track).

Part Two, this is how you are gonna make the race possible

1. Make a map that is large (I did 50 x 75, but I would recommend much much larger) and put in a long strip of grass or dirt, make enough, this will be one raceway, make it two chips wide and extremely long, but don’t let it touch the top of the map (I had it go 50 chips up, the raceway touches the bottom of the map). Make as many grass strips as you want, depending on how many racers you want. As a perimeter, put a wall in, also put walls in between each racer’s grass strip, so that way no one will cut off an enemy racer.

2. There should be an outer perimeter around your track, for the crowd, if you want it, the crowd you should know how to make.

3. To make your racer have the ability to use a turbo, you will need to do as follows: Make a blank event, or you can use a crowd member for this. Make a parallel process, then insert Enter Password (Page 3) and for the variable, call it anything you want, I called it Turbo. Then you are going to need to make a Fork Condition. Put Switch: Turbo Used to off (this is the event you made earlier.) Then hit ok. Then under your fork condition put: Move Event: Hero-Speed up. Then insert a wait, make it .8 seconds. Then put in another move event Hero-Move Speed Down Move Speed down (so you will tire yourself a little) then insert another wait, for 1 second, then put in Move Event Hero-Move speed up. Then, so you can have only one turbo, put in Change Switch: Turbo Used ON. If you want a second turbo assign it to another button, the cancel button, but then you will have to make an extra switch and an extra event. (Don’t forget to do the Turbo Used switch at the beginning)

Part Three, this is where I tell you how to make the opponents will be and how to do the finish line, or pretend finish line. This part can vary in your game, just depending on how you want to do it.

1. Create a racer in each lane (one lane is two chips wide and 50 long) and make them same level as hero and make them a parallel process, put movement type to By It’s route. Make it’s route be several ups, and include one turbo in there, just to be real, have its frequency at 7 or 8 to make it difficult, and make sure his movement speed is 5 or 6. This will go for all racers.

2. At the end of each lane, put a blank event, below hero and on touch (event, hero). At the end of your racers strip or lane, put in Teleport, back to the previous map, and put a Message saying “WINNER!” and put in a sound effect: CLAP (it is a crowd cheering) and if you want to earn money, change gold held and increase it to however much you want.

3. At the end of opponent racer’s lane, put in a blank event, below hero and name each event anything, but number them (I will call it LANE1, Lane2, etc.) This part is VERY important. You will need to create some variables, just put in the ones I have. On each racer, put in the following code: Change Variable: ONE: Y Pos,SET, Event:This Event -Y Coordinate. Next variable is Y Dist, Set, Event: This Event-Y coordinate. Then: Y Dist2,Event: Lane_ -Y coordinate. Then do Y POS2 Lane_-Y Coordinate.(Fill in the underscores with the number of your lane. The code for each Var. should look like this, except with a few changes per variable:

Change Var: Var[000_Y Pos] (Set)-This Events Y Pos

Then you need to do one last thing before it is ready to go. Insert a fork condition. Set it to variable: Y Pos Variab: Y Pos2 -Same. And don’t add an else case. Hit ok, and then in the lines of code thingy, insert under the fork conditions Teleport to the booth map, and a message saying you lose, and add stuff as necessary.

And this concludes my tutorial on Chocobo racing, I hope you could understand it, I know it is a lot to take in…I thought of it in my sleep, hehe, weird. And I decided to write a tutorial on it thanks to the influence of HellBlazer and PocketX, so thanks guys! And thanks to SSTrihan for helping me make this work.