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Tutorial - 'PHP Guide for Beginners' by Guest

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Are you interested in learning PHP? Here is a good place to start.


What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source, server side scripting language. Its syntax is identical to the C programming language. PHP can be embedded into HTML documents to create more functional and flexible web pages, this is done by using special PHP tags ()

What software or tools do i need to start using PHP?

Before considering the applications you require, you need to be thinking of your own abilities. If your the kind of person who rushes into things and cannot figure out a problem logically, then perhaps start of by gaining some understanding of the concepts behind scripting and programming first. If you think your good enough to begin planning and constructing your first PHP application then all you need is a text-editor such as Notepad.

If your considering testing PHP on your own computer, then ensure you have downloaded the latest version of PHP from, and also look around on google for Apache and MySQL.

Your first PHP page..

To start of with, open up Notepad (Or whatever text-editor you have decided to use) and enter this:

echo "My First PHP Page";

Lets break this down and explain each line/word:

echo "My First PHP Page" - Outputs the text that follows it, in this instance "My First PHP Page".

; - The semi-colon is used to end the current line of code. Tells the web server that the process/function/code for this line has ended.

?> - Ends the use of PHP.

Another way of doing this would be:

print "My First PHP Page";

What is the difference between the 2 given examples?
In the above example, PHP has been defined as
When saving PHP documents the extension must be .php
Save the above code as myfirstpage.php and run it.

Hopefully this has helped you gain an understanding of PHP, what its about, how to begin using PHP and what PHP can do.