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Tutorial - 'Plasma effect and some sig effects' by Dimensionwyrm

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A simple tutorial on creating plasma effects and some sig effects.


OK, since atari says it is "too short" whereas that is all there is to it, I had to add some stuff.


We are trying to get

with a few filters.

Step 1)
Press 'D' to reset your colours, choose linear gradient, uncheck all bozes, black to white, and go crazy.

Step 2)Do a wave filter (filter>distort>wave) and hit randomize a few times.

Step 3)Press ctrl+j(duplicate layer) and repeat step 2 on the duplicated layer. Set layer belnding mode to lighten.

Step 4)Repeat steps 2-3 once.

Step 5)Press ctrl+u, check colorize, and change colour!

Extra idea 1(Stuff I added)

Now, you can do a variety of things here, and if you repeated this process multiple times it would eventually, with some level adjustment, get something kinda like a robot!
(this has some color effects added)

Neat, huh?

Well, let's take it a step further. Repeat the duplicating, wave filter, lighten blend mode, and flipping a few more times. Now, it'll look somewhat messed up and nowhere near as smooth as before. Well, let's fix that!
Filter>brush strokes>accented egdes is the answer!

And our result is...

(this also has color effects added)
Even cooler, huh?

Now, kind of like an extra, how to blend an image into a background, such as this plasma.

It's actually quite easy.

First, take your image. Now press ctrl>alt>x and using the brush tool outline the area to be kept. Now select the bucket tool and fill the area to be kept.
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Resulting in:

Now that's not the best but there is another method.

Method B:Erasing

Take the eraser, select a grungy brush, flow around 50%, and start erasing near the edges. Depending on your skill this may or may not look better.

Ok, border time!

So simple no screenshots are even needed.

1)Make a selection using the polygonal lasso tool, holding shift to keep it straight.

2)select>select inverse


4)Apply any layer styles you wish

5)Using the polygonal lasso tool and rectangular marquee tool cut off pieces to make it look cooler.

Ok, that's it for now!