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Sin City explains how to make a mini-map displaying your character position in RM2K and RM2K3.


I was looking up tutorials and I saw this one about Don's example with the map. The guy had a big tutorial about how to make a picture come up. I decided I could do much better and came up with this. It's not hard if ya think about it. I'd say a lot of people can do this, but hey... The idiot's guide stuff is in brackets. This is for Rm2k but I tried it in rm2k3 and it's fine.

  1. Okay! First off, you need to make your world map. Make it an even number like 100x100. Put it in your towns, but don't put any events in it yet (Or delete the events and don't save it).

  2. Zoom it out to 1/8. Then press Print Screen (Or use a program that allows you to screen capture).

  3. Now that you have your map, paste it into a good picture editor (I use Paint Shop Pro). Then select the map and go to "crop to selection". Or copy it and paste as new.

  4. Go to resize and make it 160x135 pixels (Or close to that. It's not perfect, but hey, what is?).

  5. Put a red dot to represent towns.

  6. Then save it in C:/program file/ascii/rpg2000/rtp/picture/. Save as map.png (It must be a .png or bmp file, click the little box below the name to change it).

  7. Then make an image 3x3 pixels. Put a cross shape in it, bright yellow. Paint the rest as that transparent pink (The color is R=255 G103 B=139 and it should be the first color in the pallet). Save it as pos.png

Okay, that's the images done. Now to put it in the game.

  1. Make an event anywhere on the world map. Make it auto-start (Beside the pink box and says push key, change it).

  2. Select show picture(page2) (For real dummies, click the angle brackets).

  3. Choose picture number 1 (Provided it's your first picture). To the right, select the map. Then choose position X=50 Y=195.
  4. Uncheck the move with map. If it's checked it will NOT move with the map(It makes sense in rm2k3).
    Select magnification 60 and transparence 30. Transparent color is None.

  5. Then go to memory place(page2). Choose unused variables. Name the map id=map id, with x: pos-x and the y: pos-y.

  6. Then go to Change Variable(pg1). Click one and choose the "pos-y" from the last bit. Go down to set and choose the "+". Go to Operand choose set and type 151. Click OK.
  7. Choose show picture again. Pic. number= 2. Select Picture "pos" The little cross. Click By Variable and select pos-x for the X value and pos-y For the Y value. Make sure there is no tick in the Move with map option (Again, this should make sense in rm2k3). Magnification 100. Transparence 0. and transparent color=Stir.

  8. Go to Change switch(pg1). Choose an unused switch. Call it stopmap and turn it on.

  9. Go to the new page botton up the top. Click on the second page. Make it push key. Up the top at event Condition tick switch. Choose stopmap.

Now new event.

  1. Make it a parallel process.

  2. Go to memory place as before.

  3. Go to Change variable and do the same as before. Variable pos-y and +151.

  4. Then go to move picture(pg2). Select picture 2. In place position go to "by variable" and pos-x for the x and pos-y for y. Magnification 100. Down to movement time type is 1.

The last thing you have to do is, every time you leave the map, you have to make it turn off the Stop switch. After the teleport bit in your event, put in change switch "stop" off.

THAT'S IT! Be sure to test it. If it doesn't work, slowly go through this again. It should work because I watched someone else do it who never used the program before. If you still have problems, read below. It's also possible to make another dot to show the vehicle. You just make another picture, then an event that gets you position every time you get out of the vehicle. You should be able to figure it out.