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Tutorial - 'Steal Car System' by Guest

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Rocko tells you how to steal cars just like in Grand Theft Auto!



Have you ever wished to make a game that will make it so you could steal cars and get back out? Well, here you will learn about something I call my SCS, which stands for the Steal Car System. We'll first will learn how to make a car run along the road and vanish ween it hits the end of the map. So here we go!

2.(random Facing)

First make the car event. make four pages on for each direction. Now make four switches- right, down, left, and up. Now cancle out of that event and make a new event, and call it random facing. Now it's time to us to use switches to do the following!

page 1:
<>change event location:Car (Whatever road facing you want)
<>wait how long the road is

Put on the side of the page where all those custom event options are.

page two:
page three:
page four:
Note: Do the rest like page 1, only with the other switches.

Now make sure the car and random facing events are parallel.

Now, make another new event called Random facing 2. Do the following!
<>variable Oper:[0002] set,[1-4]
Branch if Var [0002] is 1
switch Operation:[up]ON
<>Erase Event
:Else Handler
Note: Do the other ones with the other switches.

And you now made it so cars will move to the other side of the map and the first time it's a random draw!

3.Steal the car

Okay, so now you made the car and its system. Now let's make it more realistic with stealing cars. Make a new event, name it Car/Hero Var, and do the following:
<>Variable Oper:[CarX]set,car x coord.
<>Variable Oper:[CarY]set,car Y coord.
<>Variable Oper:[HeroX]set,Hero x coord.
<>Variable Oper:[HeroY]set,Hero Y coord.
make this event parallel
now go back to your car event
and do the following with each page.
<>Branch if Event started with Action key
Switch Operation:[up] off
Switch Operation:[right] off
Switch Operation:[down] off
Switch Operation:[left] off
Switch Operation:[the cars yours] on

Make a new page in this event. Make it so if switch the cars yours is on, then do the following:
<>Move event: Hero,phasing mode on,Move Forward,phasing mode off,switch on (car mode on)
<>change sprite Association Hero (use a car graphic)
<>Move Event:Car change graphic (what evers invisable)
Now it's time to wrap it up!

Make a new event call, it car/foot, and do the following: (This is the last time!)
<>Branch if switch [car mode on] is on
<>Key Input Proc:make a variable for the horn
And make the key whatever you want. I choose 5 or 15. I should say okay then push okay.
<>Branch if var [what ever the variable is]is 15
<>play sound:a Horn sound
<>Wait: How long the sound is
Else Handler
<> Key input proc:the same Var as above (enter)
<>Branch if var [what ever the variable is]is 5
<>change event location:Car,(Hero X,Hero Y)
<>Move Event:car,chang graphic back to the car graphic
<>change sprite association :what ever the heros graphic was
<>Move event: Hero,phasing mode on,Move Forward,phasing mode
off,switch off(car mode on)
<>switch operation:[the cars yours] on
<>play sound:(a car door closing)
<>wait:1.0 sec
<>Else handler


And there you have it! A stealing system with cars running around. I might make some more tutorials about making car systems like radio, running over NPCs, and even a damage system. Well, I hope you'll have fun with this, and if it doesn't work, then just mess around with it. It may not turn out the same sometimes, but keep trying and you'll figure it out.