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Tutorial - 'Radios and Parked Cars' by Guest

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Rocko continues his previous Stealing Cars tutorial, writing about making car radios and stealing parked cars!


Well I told you I would make this. And for a bonus- parked cars! Yes, more then one car can be made, I found a way to do it. Well anyways, here we go!


You know that last tut where you made that common event? Well, get it out and do the following:

After the last branch do this:

Else Handler
<>Branch if BGM has played Once
Switch Operation: [Any number it Radio] ON

Now make a new Common event called Radio x1. Now, do the following... Oh yeah, and make sure the parallel switch thing is on radio... anyways:

<>Variable Oper:[a variable to store the random radio]set.
Rnd[how many station wavs or mp3 things you got I used the
radio stations from GTA1 and to get them get a program called and after that just look in the audio file
of GTA1 if you have it...if not just search the web or stores for a really long time thats what I had to do]
<>Branch if variable [that one rnd var up there] is 1
<>play BGM: Track1 (from GTA and yeah if its to big then
open a wav editor and change how big it is and just save it)
<>Switch Operation:[Radio] OFF

Now do the other the same way. Then, just add to the car event, and you're done with the radio! Now when you get in the car you can enjoy the radio until you get out, and when you get back in the car you enjoy another radio station!

2.Parked cars!

It's fun to steal cars on the road in GTA, but isn't it even more fun to steal cars that are parked? I think it's funny, because when the guy gets back he's probably like, "Dude, where's my car!!?"

Well, you can make that guy yourself. Ill teach you how to make it so you can steal cars that are parked. Copy your car event, only make it so it's stationary. Now delete everything in the box and do the following:

Move Event:Hero phasing mode on,move forward,phasing mode off,switch [A switch that will allow you to get out of the car]

First, you know that one Common event with the car-getting-out thing? Well, copy that as well, and make it called [Parked car 1]. With the the one switch above, put it in the first thing that says [Branch if Switch].

Now on the other branch where it says change event location, make the new car the event and do that to the other things. Finally, get out of that and you are done!

Well, there you go. Two more things to make your cars more realistic. If you want you can make a car alarm, too! But I'll leave that up to you; I'm still messing around with it myself. I hope this tutorial was a success for you!