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Tutorial - 'Step-by-Step CBS' by Guest

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Weenesman1352 walks you through step-by-step the creation of an effective CBS for your RM2K3 game.


In your game, do you use the normal battle system and just hate it? Well, I've come up with a way to create a much cooler one! This is my first tutorial though, so if it doesn't make sense, email me at, and I'll try to explain it better!

You're going to have to know:
-Basic RPG2k3 stuff

First, make a map that you will be fighting on. Yes, a map.

Second, you're going to make 8 events on that map. Make the first one the monster or person you'll be fighting named "ENEMY." It's just going to be a normal sprite, like your hero. Next, name the other events as followed. These should all be Parallel Processes:
1. Your turn
2. You Attack
3. You Skill
4. You Item
5. Enemy Turn
6. Enemy Death
7. Your Death

After those two things, You're going to be making a few switches and variables.
-Your turn
-You attack
-You skill
-You Item
-Enemy Turn
-Enemy Death
-Your Death

-Your Health
-Enemy Health
-Your MP
-Enemy Turn

Basically how this is going to work is that you will be using all messages and battle animations to create a working battle system!

First, go to the map that will teleport you to the battle map. For now, make a person that you talk to. Make it so that when you talk to the person, it should do a bunch of stuff. What you should do is set the variables for now. Set variable "Your Health" to 100. Set Enemy Health to 80. Set Potions to 5 for now. Set your MP to 25 or something.

Next, teleport to the battle map, preferably facing the monster. Do lock facing and make it so that you can't access the main menu, and then Turn on switch "Your Turn".

Okay! Now, go back to the battle map and go to the Event "Your Turn." Make sure that it activates when switch "Your Turn" is on. In the event window, make it so that it turns off "Enemy turn" and "you item" off. Also, have it turn "You Skill" off. Then, do MSG: Health: \v[inside this bracket, put the number of the variable that "Your Health" is]/MP: \v[inside this bracket, put the number for "Your MP"]. Next, after that, show choices. Make sure that it is ignore cancellation. Make Attack, Skill, and Item. On each one, make it turn on the coorisponding switch.

Next, go to the event "You attack". First thing, in all of the events, make the first event in the event box turn off switch "your turn". In the attack event, make it "MSG: You attack (whatever you want to be fighting's name)!" Variable "Enemy health" subtract Random number between whatever two numbers you want. Don't make it too high or too low. The battle will become VERY boring. Then, show a battle animation that hits the monster. Last thing, Turn on switch "Enemy Turn."

Ok, so you're done with the first seventh or so.

Next, go to the You Skill event. Make sure that the turn off "your turn" switch is there. After, you can decide which names for skills, but I'll use slap- easy enough! Do Show choices for the skill names. For each one, do, MSG: Used (skill name) on (monster/person name)! Here's where it gets interesting! Branch condition: If Variable "Your MP" is 4 or below. Make sure that it has an Otherwise handler on. If it's below, MSG: You don't have enough MP! and have it turn "Your Turn" on.

If it's higher, subtract 5 from the variable "Your MP". Variable "Enemy Health" subtract Random Number between whatever two numbers you want. Make this one higher then the attacking numbers. Show Battle Animation, whichever one you want, hit the monster. Then, Turn on Switch "Enemy Turn." You're going to do that for every skill.

Next, lets finish your turns with the event "You Item." Again, the first thing should be to turn off "your turn" switch. Then, you should do show choices. I just used potions. In the potions sub-event, do a fork. The fork should be something like "If Variable Potions = or lower than 0." MAKE SURE THAT IT HAS ANOTHER CHOICE IF THAT CAN'T HAPPEN! Anyways, if you don't have a potion, it should just do something like MSG: You don't have a potion. Then it turns on "your turn" switch. If you do, do "variable subtract 1 potion" and then "variable your health + whatever number you want. I use about 5 or 8. Then, "Enemy Turn" On.

Alright, so you've finished your part of the battle. So, here's the enemy's.

First, turn off all other switches from before. Then do set (variable Enemy Death to random number between 1 and 7.) I'm only going to tell you the three things that I did. For each number, make a fork operation if variable Enemy turn is X, where X is the number 1-7. DO NOT PUT AN ELSE HANDLER ON ANY OF THEM! Numbers 1, 3, 5, and 7 are all basically the same thing. Subtract variable "your health" by random number, whatever. Don't make it too strong. Do MSG: (enemy name) attack! Show a cool battle attack animation on your hero. Just repeat for as many as you want. Then it turns on the "your turn" switch.

Next, for numbers 2 and 4, do basically the same thing from before, only make the damage a little bit higher, and change the battle animation if you want. Then it turns on the "your turn" switch.

For number 6, you can either have healing or an even stronger attack. The attack you know how to do by now, and healing is pretty much the same thing as above in reverse. For healing, just do variable "Enemy health" + whatever, and show a cool healing animation. Then it turns on "your turn switch.

Okay, now we've got the actual battle layout. But, you might ask, what happens if I die? Well, that's what we're about to do!

Go to the "your death" event. For the preconditions, make it "If variable your health is equal or less than 0". Make it turn off all of the battle switches, and then change your person's sprite to something the consistency of bloody pulp. Make is say Game over or something, and then actually have a game over.

For the event "enemy death," like before, have its preconditions be if Enemy health is equal or less than 0, turn off all switches and just make it change the sprite of the enemy, or not, depending on the game.
Just do messages like MSG:
Enemy defeated! You found X gold! You found a Dragon Sword! Gained X EXP!

Then just up all that stuff, and teleport back to the map, or whereever you want to. Make a new switch called "aftrbattle" and turn it on.

Then, go back to the map before the battle and click on the event that brings you into the battle. On that event, make another page, and the precondition should be that "aftrbattle" is on. You can do whatever you want from there on.

I hope that this makes sense and that you use it and like it. Thanks!

PS- If you use it, please give me credit. Thanks!