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Tutorial - 'Event Walk-Out' by Guest

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Vahngrave's simple but educating tutorial on how to have a single event walk "out" of your Hero in RM2K3.


This is a tutorial for having a single party member come out of your body during an event, like in FFVII, except this only teaches you to make one person come out.

1) You make an "On Hero Touch" event that has no graphic and is "Below Hero".

2) Make all the stuff you want in the event.

3) When you want your character to come out, make a "Move Event" that should look like this:

That was just a thing from my game.

4) Finish up your event.

There, simple and easy.

To make it go back in, you just do another move event that changes its graphic to panorama color, wait, wait, and move it back into your character.

I don't know how to make it so two people come out, so please don't ask.

You may see more from me, because I recently started exploring, actually exploring, not just using, the possibilities of RM2K3.

If you have any questions, email me at: (you can AIM me too)