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Tutorial - 'Motivating yourself to learn programming' by Joey Peters

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Generally, this is a really bleeping big issue, or it can be. Motivating yourself is like masturbating without hands. If you don't have the psychic powers, forget it.


Oh yeah, some or even most of you have been there. You're thinking about 'professional' game development. So, you start looking at what some guys do which you really look up to, and they throw arround with terms like "C++" and "compiler" and you're all like "wtf?". Some people even ask how to make switches in C++, they don't survive long.

But yeah, you have to realise it's not hard to learn yourself programming it's just time consuming. And things that consume time, like homework, either require:

It is not a misconception you need a lot of discipline to get things done as a game programmer. Having lot's of time is also a big pro. However, sometimes (like for me), having a lot of time works negative. It is best to, that when you're learning something, have another job you're competent at. Or just learn something 'on top of' something else.

Right, so. Once you understand what you need to do to become a better programmer (understand hardware and software) you must train your skills somehow. It is always better to finish something which is not decent than to choose not to finish something half decent. Always try to finish the things you start, and never start with things that are too hard. However, if you choose to do something like program a MMORPG, and you fail, then that's often just good to calibrate you competance.

Calibration is about failing and having success. Once you have success at something, like, you made your first calculator, you can take another step and try something harder. If you fail at that, you recalibrate and try to figure out what made you fail and this will orientate what to learn. Often, when you are just starting out, you'll make big mistakes in judging your skills. True, you might be a fast learner, but programming is a mountain you can't completely conquer anyway.

Always get judged by better programmers. Programmers at some point get arrogant. It is best to just call yourself a retard or act like one just to speak to that part of the (better) programmers mind which makes him feel he has the larger cock and wants to show it. Some programmers are not arrogant, and they will just help you without insulting you (rare). However, never, ever get into discussion with a better programmer. This will devour your life. In this society, we have schools because people are too lame to teach eachother things. If you want to learn something, be humble. If an advice is incorrect in your eyes, just don't reply. Things will get retarded.

It is always a good idea to read a lot of tutorials on different subjects first to figure out what part of programming is most vigorous in your mind. Game programming itself is way too broad. Try figuring out the smaller aspects and work towards them. Once you can handle a smaller aspect, try figuring out some things yourself without using a tutorial. Some day you could reach a level where you could invent your own methods and algorithms, and not be that whimpy programmer that codes everything in Visual Basic .NET.

Last thing is. Nobody cares. Like I say, there is a lot of polarity in the prestation society but you're probably going to be part of that problem anyway. I just care because I'm staff. You see. It all makes sense. I get compensation for teaching your sorry ass. Anyway, if you really have a problem, try getting help, but if you ask the same questions to the same people all the time that probably means they don't care or know. You shouldn't just ask a lot of questions to the same person either unless it's your friend, or your enemy. It depends on how emotionally fucked up your are to mentally rape another person.

Lastly, if you want to convince people of your skill, the best way is to show your work. Diplomas can help, or certificates, but often they're just gay. If you know your thing, it is likely that the other people in the sector will just recognise it. If you want to actually start making some money, you'll also have to educate yourself about how markets look like and how publishers work etc.

So, now, if you want to motivate yourself, you could do some simple things. Like you could make working schemes. Or you could reward yourself with cookies or masturbation (hey we don't live in 1987 anymore). If you have a girlfriend there are even better methods that work. Other than that, showing your work to the right people will help. Show it to people who don't understand the sector, they will more than likely like it anyway. People from the sector itself will just try to analyse every fucking single aspect with their autistic minds. Now, you don't want to be autistic yourself. Because autists are probably better than you. Don't ever make fun of an autist, you will regret deeply.

I hope you enjoy my ranting. I wrote this because I was too gay to even think about something half decent to write. But I had to write something and tomorrow I have a job to complete and I have to program a few things so... Shit.