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Tutorial - 'An Introduction to HTML' by Guest

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Guest writes a basic introduction to HTML in this simple tutorial.


Hello, I am here to teach you the basics of HTML.

Okay, so most of you probably know this, but I'll write this anyway.


I. Basics

II. Text Stuff

III. Images

IV. Other commands

Before we start, let me get this straight:

HTML uses tags, < and >. In this tutorial I will replace them with { and }. Okay?


Go open notepad an type this in (fixing the tags):


{head}{header}My first webpage{/header}{head}

{body}This is my first webpage.{br} {b}This text is bold.{/b}


Now let me explain this.

The first tags initialize the function and the second tags with the "/" added ends the function.
The {html} tag singinifies the beginning of an HTML document, as does the {/html} tag singnifies
the end of a document. The {head} tags are anything before the body. The {header} tags singnify
the text shown at the top. The {body} tags mean the stuff on the page itself.
Now save this as
a .html document. Open this in Internet Explorer/Firefox/Netscape/aol etc. and see what happens? These are
basic structure of a HTML document. Now let's go on to more focused stuff.


In this chapter we will discuss text effects.

{b}{/b} -> bold font

{i}{/i} -> italic font

{font color=color} -> red font

{font face=font} -> Courier New  font

{a href=url}(text){/a} -> Gaming World!

These are basically the only text things you will ever use at your level.


Images are very simple. Type in {img src="url"}

For example {img src=""} comes up with

(the Gamingw forums logo)

if you add alt="text" before the ">" you come up with

Gamingw forums logo! width="249" height="59">

Another neat thing you can do is image links.


{a href=link}{img src="url"}{/a}

Neat, huh?


This will be a relatively short chapter.

{br} -> Goes onto the next line - HTML ignores extra lines and spaces

{hr} -> Makes a horizontal line across

{table border="1"}


{td}row 1, cell 1{/td}


Makes a table.

-> Makes a paragraph, meaning an enter before the opening tag and after the closing tag.

Well, that's it for today! If you want to get a more extensive knowledge of HTML visit W3Schools. (I learned HTML there)