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Tutorial - 'Airship Encounters' by el_dugald

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A tutorial by el_dugald teaching you how to work random encounters while in a vehicle!


Ever wanted to spice up your airship ride with an encounter with airborne enemies? This tutorial will teach you how.

If you've worked with RPG Maker before, then you should be aware that while riding the Airship vehicle, it is impossible to get into an encounter with an enemy group, no matter what the encounter rate for the map is. However, if you wish to add airborne enemy groups to your game (or perhaps, you want to go the extra step and put in a DoomGaze-style secret boss that flies around, like in Final Fantasy III/VI), there is a relatively simple process to doing so.

First of all, designate your airborne enemy combat groups. Doesn't matter how many groups there are. In fact, if you want to get really creative, you could make multiple "staged" sets of groups so that as the player progresses through the story or gains power, new monster groups seek him or her out in the skies above). Just as long as all of your airborne combat groups are in one cluster in the database (i.e. no empty encounter group "holes" in the list), because you'll likely want to use a Random Number Generator for the random encounter system.

Next, you create the event that drives this. Go to your World Map (or wherever your Airship happens to be located) and make a new Event. This will be a Parallel Process. In the Event Commands box, make a Conditional Branch: Hero is Riding Airship. You don't need an Else clause. Inside the Branch, make a Key Input Processing Command and tell it to detect input of Up, Down, Left and Right Keys and store it to a variable called Airship Movement. Uncheck "Wait Till Key Pressed," this function really isn't necessary. Afterward, make another branch (still inside the first one), of Variable: Airship Movement is 1 or more. This will detect that a key has been pressed to make the Airship move. Make another new variable called Airship Encounter Steps, or whatever. Inside this branch, make a Variable Command that increases Airship Encounter Steps by 1 and sets Airship Movement (the key input recognizing variable) to 0, so you won't get zerged by encounters over and over because the variable didn't reset.

After this, make a completely new Conditional Branch, outside and under the original Conditional Branch: Hero is Riding Airship. The condition for this new branch should be Variable: Airship Encounter Steps is (insert number of encounter steps for air encounter here) or more. Inside this box, lay down your code for figuring out which enemy group appears; could be a Random Number generator, could be whatever you want. Then make the actual Enemy Encounter, reading out of whichever encounter generation process you choose. Pick an Airship backdrop for the battle background (doesn't make much sense to look like you're fighting in a forest or cave if you're really battling on an airship deck), and set up the encounter with Execute Custom Handler selected in the "Escape Handler" box. Inside each of the two new clauses that this option makes, have a Variable Operation that sets Airship Encounter Steps back to 0. This will cause the encounter threat to drop back to 0 when the battle is over, whether you defeat all of the monsters or run away.

After all of that, put down a Wait 0.1 seconds command just to make sure it doesn't cause lag, and you're good to go. Have fun fighting Ultima Weapon, DoomGaze, or whatever creature of your choosing in the air with your new air encounter function!