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Tutorial - 'Text Box - Transparent' by soniq

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How to make a transparent text box


Im sure many of you already know how this is done, but Ive never seen one online so I thought, "What the heck?" This tutorial will allow you to create a replacement for the default text box, using nothing but Windows Paint! However, make sure you understand the following before attempting this: Are very experienced with the PICTURE commands, COMMON EVENTS, and MESSAGE SYLE. Not too hard, right? Lets go.
1. Go into Windows Paint
2. Create a new image
3. Set attributes to 320x80
4. Select "Rounded Rectangle" in the toolbar
5. Set it to a "Full Shaded Rectangle"
6. Pick a color of your choice
7. Place the Rounded Rectange into the image, leaving about 2 pixels away from the image border on each side
8. Select all, and Copy
9. Paste into your favorite advanced image editor (I prefer Paint Shop Pro 7)
10. Make the outside color of the rounded rectangle transparent
11. Save as a .png into the PICTURES folder in your game directory
12. Open up RM2K
13. Open up the Data Base
14. Go to the COMMON EVENTS tab
15. Make a new Common Event(ie. "TextBoxBottom") and set the event start condition to "Call".
16. Double click into your new common event
17. On Page 1, select "Message Style"
18. Set it to Transparent, Down, and make sure all the boxes are UNCHECKED. Hit OK.
19. Now, return to the event commands and go to Page 2
20. Click "Show Picture"
21. Set it to Pic #, and select the picture you made for the Text Box.
22. On Coordinates, set it to "Position", and enter the following: X=160 Y=150
23. Make sure "Move with Map" is UNCHECKED.
24. Set Magnification to 100%
25. Set Transparency to 0%
26. Leave it on "Stir" and hit OK.
27. Now, choose "Move Picture" on Page 2.
28. Set the picture # to your prior selection
29. Position it to the following: X=160 Y=200
30. Magnification=100% Transparency=50%
31. Set Movement Time to "4" (not 40, 4, as in a fourth of a second)
32. You can leave Wait Until Done checked, or you can uncheck it. It doesnt make much of a difference.
33. Hit OK.

Youre nearly done! Now we have to make it to where the text box will GO AWAY after a message is over.

1. Make a new common event (ie. KILLTextBoxBottom)
2. On Page 2 in the Event Commands, Select "MOVE PICTURE". Look familiar?
3. Make sure the Pic # is set to what youve been using.
4. Position it to the following: X=600 Y=200
5. Magnification=100% Transparency=100%
6. Set Movement time to "3" (Yes, 3, a third of a second)
7. Check "Wait Until Done" if not already checked.
8. Hit OK.
9. On Page 2, select "ERASE PICTURE"
10. Erase Pic # that youve been using.
And now, time to test it!
Wherever you want to use your custom TextBox, make the event something like this:

Call Event: TextBoxBottom
Message: Your text will go here.
Call Event: KILLTextBoxBottom

Save, and go test play! If you did everything correctly, upon going to a sign, person, or something else that you used the custom text box on, your picture that you made in Microsoft Paint should slide down while becoming visible, and the message should appear. It should be fully readable, while still being able to see straight through the text box! When the message is over, the text box you made should slide away while becoming invisible to to the right. Groovy, huh?

Use the commands...

Call Event: TextBoxBottom
Message: Your text will go here.
Call Event: KILLTextBoxBottom

...whenever you want to use your custom text box. Its a lot of pasting, but its worth it!

Wanna use the same thing, but make the text box appear in the middle or top? Simple! Use the same instructions in this tutorial, but alter the cooridinates a little! Also, keep in mind you can change the way the text box appears, by altering the everything in the "Show Picture" commands. Enjoy!

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