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Tutorial - 'Making an armored eye boss' by Dimensionwyrm

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Lunchman describes how to make an armored zelda-style ABS boss, where it's only vulnerable in the eye.


Lunchman/Dimensionwyrm here! Welcome to my guide to creating creative bosses, not just enemies randomly moving around, with more hp and do more damage. Before we start set up the ABS described in the first chapter here.

Now we can begin.

In this first chapter we will be discussing a boss with a very simple boss--an armored eye.
You whack its eye to flip it over, where its exposed underbelly allows you to kill it.
The sprite I will be using is:

(Only the 1st and 3rd ones)

First we will have to create the basic enemy. Use the tutorial I linked to at the beginning again,
but not the AI part.

JUST the basic damaging the hero and hero damaging the boss parts.

(Just use the first and fourth page of those for now (but use 1 and 2 instead). In the page where the enemy is damaged,
add this before the damaging, after it ensures the hero is facing the enemy. Use a series of forks to determine which facing the enemy has (set the coordinates to the enemy, then subtract 1 from the Y position if it's facing up, add 1 to the X if it is right, add 1 to the Y if it is down, Subtract one from the X if it is facing left.)
(This can also be reversed to check if you hit the enemy's back too!)Then recheck the hero X/Y coordinates and check if the coordinates are equal again. If they are you hit its eye. Therefore
turn on a switch called "flipped".

If the condition is false then in both else cases make a clanging sound and knock the hero back one space.

Now make a third page, with the start condition being the switch "flipped". Use the flipped over eye graphic as the sprite. Now make this like a normal damage page. (Don't knock it back though)
However, in the movement for the boss on that page, set it to wait 3-7 times (the longer you wait the easier the boss will be),
then turn off the flipped switch. This will put the boss back to normal! Obviously remember to put in the forks to check if the boss is
dead. If it is dead then turn on the dead switch, add the death page, and we are done!

That's it for this tutorial, see you all next time!