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Tutorial - 'Wall Climbing / Climbing Gloves System' by ATARI

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Want to be able to climb the walls in your game? This is where you want to stop in then!


Hi folks! It's ATARI again. This time I'm here to talk about how to make a wall climbing system in your RPG! Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial

1. Enter Password Command
2. Fork Options
3. Variables
4. Switches
5. Common Events

So what exactly do I mean when I say, "wall climbing system?" Well, if you ever played the game, "Thief: Deadly Shadows," and remember using the climbing gloves, then you would know exactly what I am talking about.

Basically, you can climb up walls made of stone or brick. You don't necessarily get on the roofs of places and such, but it makes for a good get away as pictured in the screenshot above. This is what this tutorial is about!

Okay. Open up Rm2k. Now, go into the database (F8) and go under the item tab. In here, create a new item. Make it an accessory item, (or whatever "Magic Pendant" and those default items are under. I don't have rm2k on this computer currently, only rm2k3.) and name the item, "climbing gloves." Make it no give any improvement to status, and make its price about 3000. Make it only equipable on the hero. Make its item description something that would go along with gloves that allow you to climb on walls. Hit the apply button and then the OK button.

Now create a new map. It the smallest size possible. Now make this map look something like the picture below.

Put the hero's starting positions on the grass tile portion of the map somewhere. Now, find the y coordinate of the grass tile that is in front of the wall. If you copied exactly off the picture given above, then the y coordinate would be "8." If you made something different, then get the Y coordinate by looking at the X and Y identifier on the bottom portion of the rm2k program. Or if you don't know where that is, check out the picture below.

Next, create a new event somewhere on the map. (Most preferable on the wall portion somewhere at the top.) Make this event a parallel process event, and name the event, "wall climbing." In here, make the events starting condition switch be the switch, "ClimbingGloves." In the event commands. Make a new password command. Select only the box with (5) and do not select any other box. Make the variable that the password command uses be the variable "GlovesCommand." Hit the OK button for the password command. Then make a wait even that happens for 0.1 seconds. Then create a memorize hero position command. What variables you use don't matter this time around, except for the hero's y coordinate. That is the only one you need. Use "HeroY" for that. Hit the OK button, and then the apply button on the event command box.

Next, below that, make a new fork condition. Make this fork condition say, "IF variable 'GlovesCommand' is equal to '5', then" then after that fork condition (not in the else or end case) make another fork condition that says, "IF variable 'HeroY' is equal to '8', then," have the switch, "WallClimb," be turned on. In the else case of this, have the switch "WallClimb" turn off. Hit the apply and the OK button.

Now, the next you would want to create is a character set of your hero climbing a wall. Art is not me, so you'll have to do it yourself. Once that is finished, save it so it can be used when your hero is climbing. Then go back to the map, and create a new blank event. Make its passability "on same level as hero." Thus making it impassable. Then create another page to that event. This time with the starting condition switch of "WallClimb." Make its position, "below hero." Name the event, "WallClimb1." Place the event on the wall. Now, copy and paste this event all along the bottom row of the wall. Then create another event, this just one paged, blank, and position the default "below hero." Name the event "WallClimb2." Copy and paste this on the rest of the wall. Look at the picture below if you are confused by what I mean.

I choose to do it like this rather than other ways because it prevents guards (if you create then on your own) from being able to climb up the walls, and once you get cntrl + c and cntrl + v down pat, it only takes a few minutes to do.
Now return back to the "wall climbing" event. Under where the "WallClimb" switch was turned on, insert a change of hero appearance (sprite, etc.) to character set of your hero on the wall climbing. Then put in a move event command. Make the hero face up, and then move up one tile. Put in a wait 0.1 seconds, event, and then turn on a switch entitled, "HeroOnWall." Put in another wait 0.1 seconds, event. Then hit the apply and the OK button.

Next create another parallel process event. Name this event "wall climbing 2." In here, make it's starting condition switch be "HeroOnWall." In the event command box, put in a memorize hero position event. Make it memorize your hero's Y coordinate once again, with a new variable. "HeroY2." Then create a new fork condition. Make this fork condition say, "IF variable 'HeroY2." Is greater than, '8', then," have nothing below that. In the else case, have it turn off the switch "HeroOnWall," and "WallClimb." Have the graphics of the hero change back to the normal graphics. The put in a move event command. Make the hero face down and move down once. Hit the apply and the OK button.

And finally, make a new common event in the database. Make a new common event that is a parrell process. Name the event "Climbing Gloves." Make a new fork condition in this common event that says, "IF hero has 'Climbing Gloves' equipped, then" have the switch "ClimbingGloves" turn on. In the else case of this fork condition, have it turn off the switch "ClimbingGloves." In the fork's END case, have it wait 0.1 seconds.

So that is all that there is to creating a wall climbing system in your RPG. Remember that you can combine this with other systems, like visibility systems, and ABS guard systems.

"Even the greatest gamers were n00bs."