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Tutorial - 'Flashbomb System' by ATARI

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Want to blind your enemies in your game? Well this tutorial will tell you all about it


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to create flashbomb system in your RPG!

Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial:

1. Password Commands

2. Fork Conditions
3. Switches
4. Variables

So what exactly do I mean when I say, “Flashbomb System?” Well, I’m sure many of you know what a flashbomb is. The example that I would like to use that is like the system I am going to be describing is the flashbomb system in the THIEF series. If you get caught while sneaking around trying to steal stuff, one of the ways of escape is to launch a flashbomb at your enemies, temporarily blinding them, allowing you to make a get away. This tutorial isn’t talking about how to make such a thieving system and such, but rather telling you how to temporarily blind enemies.

So first things first. Go open up rm2k and create a new map. Make the size the usual 20 x 15 and fill the entire map up with grass tile. Next, create a new event. Make it’s graphics resemble that of a guard. I’m not going to go into how to create a full guard system, so just make this guard walk left to right. Name the event, “Guard.”

Now enter the database (F8) and create a new item under the item’s tab. Name this new item “Flashbomb.” Make its type ‘switch’ and useable only one time. Have the switch that it turns on be the switch, “flashbomb.” Hit the apply button and then the ok button to return back to the map.

Next, create another event on the map. Make this event a parallel process event. Make sure it has no graphics and is below hero and name the event “Flashbomb System 1.” Put the starting condition switch on, to the switch, “flashbomb.” The first thing that you want to put in this event is a password command event. Choose the variable ‘Flashbomb_Set,’ and have the button that it use is the enter button. That means to check the box by the selection that has a “5” by it. Make sure that nothing else is checked, and then hit the ok button. Next, create a new fork condition. In this fork condition have it say, “IF variable ‘Flashbomb_set’ is equal to ‘5’, then.” Now hit the ok button. We shall finish this fork condition later. First, we must do something else.

Back on the map, create a new event. Name this event “Flashbomb Radius.” Next, copy this event and then paste seven (7) more instances of this event around. Then go in and name them like the following: “Flashbomb Radius 1” to “Flashbomb Radius 8.” This isn’t necessary to do, but will prove very helpful. Now what exactly are these for? Well, these are events that spread the light from the flashbomb. Look at the picture below to see what they will eventually do. (DO NOT PUT YOUR FLASHBOMB RADIUS EVENTS IN POSITION AROUND THE HERO TO START OUT WITH)

Now go back to “Flashbomb System 1.” Below the fork condition that you put in the last time, put in a new “change switch” event. Make it turn on the switch “Flashbomb System 2.” Then below that, insert a “wait 0.1” seconds command. Hit the apply button and then the ok button.

Next, Create a new parallel process event. Name this new event, “Flashbomb System 2.” Make it’s starting condition switches, “Flashbomb,” and “Flashbomb System 2.” In here, put in a new “memorize hero position” command. Use the variables, “hero x” “hero y” and whatever you want for the ID one. You won’t need this one at all. Hit the ok button. Now, go into the “change event” location command. Since it’s not that often used of an event, if you cannot find it, it’s located on the second page of commands on the left column. In here, change the position of “Flashbomb Radius 1” to the position using the variables, “hero x” and “hero y.” After that, put “Flashbomb Radius 2” through “8” onto the same position using the same variables. After that, put in a wait 0.1 seconds event. Next, create a new move event command. Before going on, look at a chart I’ve created below.

Now use the move event commands to put the events with their numbers as shown on that chart. For example, for radius number 2, you would have it face down, move down, face left and move left. After you get the move event commands done, place a wait 0.1 seconds event after them all and hit the apply button. Next create a new change variable event. In this event, make it set the variable “GuardX’s” value to event “guard’s” x coordinate. (If you were doing a king, you could do King’s X coordinate. Hehehe!) Do the same with the variable “GuardY” and set it to the guard’s y coordinate. Next do the same with the x and y coordinates for each one of the “Flashbomb Radius” events, using “Flashbomb Radius1x” through “Flashbomb Radius 8y.” Once that is done, below those event put in a new fork condition event. Make the fork condition say, “IF variable ‘Flashbomb Radius1x’ is equal to variable ‘GuardX’ then,” below that fork condition (not in the else case or end case) make another fork condition that says, “IF variable ‘flashbomb radius1y’ is equal to variable ‘guard y’ then,” in there, turn on the switch “blinded.” Below that in the else case, make a new fork condition using a similar pattern, except with flashbomb radius 2x and y. Do the same switch turn on if successful, and then do a the same thing with flashbomb radius 3 and so on in the else case. Repeat until you are finished with flashbomb radius 8. In the else case of that, leave it blank. In the end case, have it turn off the switches “Flashbomb,” and “Flashbomb System 2.”

Finally, go to the guard’s event. Create a new page to his event. In this new page, put in a switch condition using the switch “blinded.” Make him stationary, push key, and if possible, make his graphics look as if he is blinded in some way. In the command events, put in a wait 10.0 seconds, and then turn off the switch “blinded.”

So that’s all that there is to creating a flashbomb system within your RPG! Remember that you can add other systems to this, as well as expanding upon this system. Kudos!

“Even The Greatest Gamers Were n00bs.”