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Tutorial - 'ReGen spell - Rm2k' by Psi

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How to make a regeneration spell


NOTE: I still dont know everything about rm2k myself, and improvements on this tutorial would be greatly appreciated. Anyways...

This is based on the Regen spell from Final Fantasy 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. (I havent played FFX but Im sure its in there too. And before anyone comments, I know it was in FF4, but it was a different command.)
It causes a small amount of HP to be restored at the beginning of each turn.

You dont ACTUALLY need to know about:
Events in battle

But it will be easier if you do

The caster shall be referred to as "Psi" (Me!)

What my Skill does:
This skill restores HP to the whole party every turn. The amount of HP restored is equal to the casters level x2.
It has a 1 in 8 expiry chance every turn.

You can change these to whatever you like and its pretty easy to edit.

Right, first make a skill named "Regen"
Give it whatever MP Cost you like
Make it a "Switch"
Call the switch something like "Regen"
Make its availability "Battle" and uncheck "Field"
Give it whatever descirption and characters lines you like

Now for the battle event
You need one of these in every single battle

First Ill tell you what you need to do, Ill put the coding in later

Make a variable named "Regen effect"
Make a variable named "Regen Time"
Change the variable "Regen effect" to Psis level
Now have it multiply this variable by 2
Set the variable "Regen Time" to be random, between 1 and 8
Change all the members HP, add the total of the regen effect variable to everybodys HP
Now a fork condition; if the variable is 10 then cut the loop by turning off the regen switch

Right, heres how the code needs to look. There isnt a lot and the variable numbers are just examples.

Trigger | Switch [8989 Regen]-ON

Variable Ch:[1234:RegenEffect] Set, Psi Level
Variable Ch:[1234:RegenEffect] *,2
Change HP: All members HP V[0007] Increase
Messg:v[1234] HP restored to the whole party!
Variable Ch:[5678 RegenTime] Set, Random[1^8]
FORK Optn: Varbl[0006:RegenTime] 8
Change Switch:[8989 Regen]-OFF Set
Messg:Regen wore off...
END Case

Now an explantion, line by line (because Im nice and I try too hard to make tutorials clear)

Change Regens effect to Psis level
Multiply regens effect by 2 (If Psi is level 10, Regen will restore 20 HP)
Adds Psis level x 2 to everyones HP
Informs you of the HP increase
The last five lines (four if you dont count the END Case) randomly cut off the regen loop, and inform you of it

As I said, you can make whatever changes you like to suit your needs. And if anyone has any improvements they can make, please e-mail me at