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Tutorial - 'Stun Grenade System' by ATARI

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Want to make some stun grenades in your rpg? Now you can with this tutorial!


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to create a stun grenade system in your RPG!

Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial:
1. Switches
2. Password Command
3. Fork Conditions
4. Variables
5. Common Events

So what exactly do I mean when I say, “Stun Grenade System?” Well, if you’ve ever played Metal Gear Solid, you know exactly the system that I will be talking about in this tutorial. Look at the pictures below.

When you launch the stun grenade, a large blinding light appears, similar to the flashbang grenade, which I covered, in a previous tutorial. However, unlike the flashbang that simply blinds your enemy, this grenade stuns your enemy for a long while, and also effects the player as well. It is a lot stronger than a flashbang, but a bit more dangerous as well.

So the first thing that you need to create is a new item in your database. So open up the database (F8) and go under the item’s tab. In here, create a new item. Make the item’s type a “common event.” Name the item, “stun grenade.” Make its description whatever you want. Then hit the okay button.

Now create a new 20 x 15 map. Make the map entirely grass tile so it can be walked on at all points. Next, create three guard events, each in various corners. In the guard events, make their graphics that of a guard and their movement random. Put nothing in the event commands of the guard events.

Next create a new parallel process event. Name this event, “stun grenade launcher.” In here, insert a password command event. Make the variable that it uses the variable, “StunG.” Check the box by the (5), (so you launch a grenade whenever you hit enter) and make sure that the “wait until key is pressed” box is NOT checked. Then hit the okay on that command. Next, create a wait 0.1 seconds event. Next, create a new change variable event. Set it to “set” and choose the variable “StunCount.” Go under the item tab, choose the stun grenade, and then set it to number held. Hit the okay button. Then create a new fork condition. In this fork condition, have it say, “IF variable ‘StunG’ is equal to 5, then,” below that fork condition (not in the else or end case though) create a new fork condition that says, “IF variable ‘StunCount’ is greater than or equal to one, then,” below that, turn on the switch “stungrenade.” In this event, create a new page, and make this new page’s starting condition switch be “stungrenade.” Then remove the value of one, from the item count of “stun grenade.” Hit the okay button.

Next go into your database and create a new common event. Name this new common event, “stun grenade.” Make it an auto start event, and make its starting condition event the switch “stungrenade.” In here, put in a wait 4.0 seconds, and then insert a change screen tint event. Make it go up as high as possible, and make its wait time 0.1 seconds. Then put in a wait 0.3 seconds event. Then insert another screen tint event. This time set the screen tint back down to where it normally is. Make it’s change time 12.0 seconds, and make sure that the wait until screen is tinted is not checked. Then insert a wait 0.6 seconds event. In here then, turn on the switch “stunned.” Next, create a new change hero health event, and remove 25 points from your hero’s health. Then turn off the switch “stungrenade.”

Create a new common event. In this common event, have its starting condition switch be “stunned” and its type also auto start. Name this event, “stunned.” In this common event, insert a wait 12.0 seconds event, and then turn off the switch “stunned.” This event controls how long the guards are to be stunned. Hit the okay button to save and exit from the database.

Next, go to your guard events, and create a new page in all of them. In this page, make their starting condition switch the switch “stunned.” Change their graphics so that it looks like they are stunned.” Make then not move at all, and put nothing in their event commands.

Lastly, the last thing that we need to do is to create an event so that we can see the grenade launch. Create a new event on the map. Make it blank, and name the event, “stun grenade.” Go back to the “stun grenade launcher” event, and insert another change variable event in between the change variable event that you had in there, and the fork condition. In this new change variable event, use the variable “launch x” and set this variable value to the hero’s x coordinate. Below this create another change variable event, and use the variable “launch y” and set this variable to the hero’s y coordinate. Below this, insert a wait 0.1 seconds event. Now go under the fork condition, and in the part where you turn on the switch “stun grenade,” put in a change event location command. Set the location to the “launch x” and “launch y” variables, and change the location of the “stun grenade” event. Then below that, create a move event command. Check the ignore movement if cannot move box, and in this move event, do the following:

|Change graphics (to a stun grenade graphic) | face away from hero | wait a moment | move forward | move forward |

Then insert a wait 3.0 seconds, and then change the event’s graphics back to blank.

So that is all that there is to creating a stun grenade system in your RPG. Feel free to expand on this basic engine.

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