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Tutorial - 'Food Storage System' by ATARI

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A food storage system like Metal Gear Solid 3 in rm2k3!


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to create a food storage system in your RPG! Note! This tutorial requires rm2k3 or rmxp. It will not work in rm2k

Things that you will need to know to use this RPG

1. Fork Conditions
2. Variables
3. Switches
4. Common Events

So what exactly do I say when I mean food storage system? Well, if any of you have played Metal Gear Solid 3, I’m referring to that wonderful catch animals and eat them system. However, there is of course, more to it than that. If you hold on to food for too long, it will get rotten and poison your character. Unfortunately, I cannot find any screenshots on this system.

So first of all, create a new map. Make the map 20 x 15 and make the entire map grass tile. Next, create a new event on that map. Make the event have the graphics of any creature that you like. Make that event’s layer “same layer as hero” and make its movement random, and make it move as fast as possible. Next, make its event start “on hero touch.” In the event commands of this event, make it turn on switch “animal1catch.” Then below that, create a new change variable event, and in here, make it add one to the variable “animal1.” Create a new page with starting condition “animal1catch,” and make it with blank graphics.

Next, go into your database and create a new item. Make this item a switch event, and make its usage unlimited. Name the item, “food viewer.” Make it’s price 0 (so it cannot be sold) and make it’s description whatever you like. Make it turn on the switch “foodviewer.” Hit the apply button.

Next go into the common event tab and create a new common event. Name this new common event, “food viewer.” Make its starting condition switch be “foodviewer” and have it be an auto start event. In the event commands, create a memorize hero position event. Use the variables “Hero X” “Hero Y” and “Hero ID.” Then insert a wait 0.1 seconds event. Next, insert a screen fade out event. Then wait another 0.1 seconds. Hit the apply button and then leave the database. We cannot finish this event without first creating a map for our food viewer.

Create a new 20 x 15 map and make it all passable tile as well. Look at the picture below on how you might want to set it up.

The animal picture represents where you would set up your first animal event, and the exit part we will get to later. The other blanks brown tiles would be where other animal events would be placed on the map. Now, return back to the database and go back into the “food viewer” common event. In there below the last wait 0.1 seconds command, put in a teleport event that teleports your character to this new map that you have created. Then wait 0.3 seconds, and then fade in the screen. Finally, turn off the “foodviewer” switch. Now your hero will go to this place every time that the food viewer event is used.

Next, we need to create the exit event so your hero can get back to wherever he or she was. So create like where I have it on the picture above. Make the event below hero, and push key. In the event commands, have it wait 0.1 seconds, fade the screen out, return the hero to the memorized position using the variables “Hero X” “Hero Y” and “Hero ID.” Then wait 0.1 seconds, and fade the screen in.

Next we need to create the animal event. Make an event like on the picture above. Make the graphics that of the animal. Make it transparent, push key and below hero. Make it’s starting condition switch be “animal1catch.” Then make it’s variable condition that variable “animal1” is ‘greater than or equal to’ “1.” In the event commands, make a show choice option. Make the two choices, “eat” and “dispose”. Under “eat,” make it wait 1.0 seconds, then have it recover 25 health points to you hero. Then waits 1.0 seconds, and then display a message like, “[Animal] tasted okay. 25 hp restored.” Then put in a change variable event that removes 1 from the variable, “Animal1.” Then wait 0.5 seconds. Now we have a fully functioning food capturing and eating system. Under “dispose,” make it remove 1 from the variable “Animal1” and display a message that says, “1 of [animal] was disposed.”

However, the next thing that we need to create is the rotting system. So go into the database and create a new common event. Name this common event, “AnimalStats.” In here, create a new fork option that says, “IF variable ‘Animal1’ is equal to or greater than 1, then,” have it turn on the switch “animal1sys.” This common event isn’t wasted on one animal though. In the else cases you can put the same for other animals. Hit the apply button.

Next create another new common event. Name this common event, “Animal 1 rotting.” Make it’s starting condition switch “Animal1sys.” Make the event a parrell process. In here, make it wait 100.0 seconds, and then create that same event 9 more times. This way it will take about 16 and half minuets for the food to rot. You can change the length if you want later. After the last wait event, turn on the switch “Animal1Rot.” Hit the apply button and close the database.

Go to the animal1 event. Create a new page in here, make it’s starting condition switch “Animal1Rot” and the variable starting condition that “animal1” is greater than or equal to 1. Insert a message that says, “Food is rotten.” Then go back to the first page and copy all the commands in there. Paste them in the new page, and then under the “eat” choice, make it remove 25 hp points and state that it removed 25 health points.

Go back to the database once more and go into the “AnimalStats.” Event. In the else case, create a new fork that says, “IF variable ‘animal1’ is equal to or less than 0, then” have it turn off the switch “Animal1sys,” the switch “Animal1Rot.” Hit the apply button and then the ok button.

The pictures below are example pictures from this system.

So that is all that there is to creating a food capturing system in your rpg! Remember that this is just a basic system engine, so feel free to expand on it as you feel necessary

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