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Tutorial - 'SoM battle system' by GaZZwa

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How to make a Secret of Mana Style battle system


Ok for the adventure addon it was made by a newbie like me ok so dont get all crazy if it doesnt work... OK I will just show you the codes to all of it... if you want me to do a step by step just give it to me in the comment box or email me at jomo96@hotmail... And you have to make or download some battle animation attacking four directions.(you could download some of the battle animation for the enemies or just use some of the default battle animations)... Thats all you need so lets get started

First of all

Make a common event(parallel)Switch[????attacking](you will need the switch for later)

Enter password...: Vrbl[????Attack!](check the decision,and the until hit box)
Fork condition...:Hero - up face direct(else case on)
Move event...: Hero - Change graphic(to nothing)wait wait wait...
Show Battle Anim.: (character battle anim up)
Move event...: Hero - Change graphic(Hero Char)

Else Case:
(then you just do the same thing but change the direction to left, right, down, and the battle anim)

Make another common event called Show Damage...
Put it to auto start, Switch [????Showdmg]

Variable Ch:[????Heropower] set, Attack
Set Message Options:Trans,Mid,Fix, enable event move
Message: /c[4] v[put the number you used for the variable hero power] Damage!!!
Set Message Options:Just put it to normal
Change Switch[????Showdmg]off

Ok now were done with that lets get started on making the monsters Hp.

For the Monsters hp lets make an event somewhere on the battle field. leave it blank,below,auto,and two pages
First Page

Variable Ch:[????mnstrHp]set, 0
Change Switch:[????mnstrHp]On
Second Page

Event Condition: Switch[????mnstrHp]On
Then put the thing to anything but autostart.

Now time to create the actual monster

Make A new event
Three pages long(leave the 2nd and 3rd blank)
make the graphic whatever the monster is going to look.
Make it a ( on touch hero,event ) And Same Level
and the other stuff you could do whatever you want

Now for the coding(First Page)

Move event....: This event wait wait wait wait
Fork Condition:Varbl[????Attack!]-5same
Variable Ch:[????mnstrHp]+ Attack
Flash Character...: this event, 1.0[W] Put the color to whatever you want.
Change Switch:[????Showdmg]on
Move event....: This event wait wait wait wait

Else Case:
Move event....: This event wait wait wait wait
Variable Ch:[????Dodge] Set, Rand[0"3]
Fork Optn:Varbl[????Dodge]-3abov
Move event....: Hero, Play SE (Like Jump or something)
Move event....: This event wait wait wait wait

Else Case
Move event....: This event wait wait wait
Fork Optn: This event- up face Direct
Change Switch:[????Attack!]Off
Move event....: This event, Change Graphic(to nothing)wait, wait, wait
Move event....: Hero, wait, wait, wait,
Show Battle Anim....:(the battle animation you want)this event
Move event....: this event, Change Graphic(to the monsters char)
Change Switch:[????Attack!] On
Take Damage: Attack 7 Damage(Leave the other stuff alone and put a check on the variable box thing and choose a blank one then name it[????MnstrAtt] )
Messg:Hero Has Taken v[????MnstrAtt] Damage!
Move event....: This event wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, (so you have a chance to attack again.

Ok now you just copy and paste this stuff to the else case and change its direction to down, left, etc., and change its battle animation direction to if you want...

Second Page
Event Conditions, put a check on the variable box and select the variable[????mnstrHp] And put it like 17 above or something.
Remember to put it in autostart,below hero, Stay still

Coding:(second page)
(optional)Show Battle Anim...:An animation of the monster dieing...
Change EXP: EXP 4 Incr
Change Money: Money 10 incr
Change Switch:[????mnstrdie]On

Third Page
Event Condition Switch [????mnstrdie]On
(then leave the graphic blank, below hero, anything besides auto start....

Then thats it... Thats all I guess... Some basic secret of mana style battle system. if you want more i could make a little bit more advance. So thats all. If it doesnt work for you then will look at it myself again. Well thanks for your time.