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Tutorial - 'Guild Jobs' by Guest

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Creating Guilds and job's within them


This is a variation I guess you could call it to many of the job systems already out there.
What you do is place various “guilds” around your world, the hero can then visit these guilds to change his class. In doing so you immediately receive a stats increase. You can only be in one guild at a time. This is just a basic model for a very basic system, below in the customizing section has more advanced things you could add. This is the code for 1 of the 3 guilds I will be using (for this tutorial) The three are fighter, magic and thief.
This is the code for a fighter guild, the person saying this could be anyone, Combat Trainer, Guild master, use your imagination.

Alright, first create an event, give him the image you want and make start condition push key.
<>Messg:Hello and welcome to the guild
of fighters, would you like to join
and benefit from increased Hp,
Atk and Def?
<>Note: Class Variable=1, Fighter
Class Variable=2, Mage
Class Variable=3, Thief
<>Show CHoice: Yes/No
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[####:Class]-1
<>Messg:You're already a Fighter!
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[####:Class]-2
<>Messg:Thankyou for signing up!
Please note, you have quit from
your previous guild, The Magic
Guild, you do not recieve their
<>Messg:benefits anymore, sorry.
<>Change Hero Degree: Alex Degree - Fighter Set
<>Variable Ch:[0001:Class]Set,1
<>Chang.Ability:Alex Max HP->##Incr
...##Incr (Chose your own stats to increase)
Chang.Ability:Alex Max MP->##Decr
...##Decr(Here decrease any stats you earn from joining magic guild, so if you get 30 MP
and 20 Mind for joining, then make these take those bonuses off.)
<>FORK Optn Varbl[####:Class]-3
<>Messg:Thankyou for signing up!
Please note, you have quit from
your previous guild, The Thief
Guild, you do not recieve their
<>Messg:benefits, sorry.
<>Change Hero Degree: Alex Degree - Fighter Set
<>Variable Ch:[####:Class]Set,1
<>Chang.Ablitly:Alex Max HP-> (Same As Above)
<>Chang.Ability:Alex Agilit->##Decr (Same as above, however, this time remove the benefits you get for being in the Thief Guild.)
<>ELSE Case:
<>Messg:Thankyou for signing up!
Enjoy the full benefits of being a
strong, courageous warrior.
<>Change Hero Degree:Alex Degree - Fighter Set
<>Variable Ch:[####:Class]Set, 1
<>Chang.Ability:Alex Max Hp->##Incr (Same as above, HOWEVER, do not decrease any skills, as this even will only activate if hero does not have any class)
End Case
End Case
End Case
<>Messg:Ok then, have a nice day!
End Case

Whew, that was fun =)
Anyway, after you have done this you need to create the last to guilds, thief and magic. This can be done simply by editing the code, a few things to watch out for however:
Watch to make sure all the forks are right, eg. If already in the thief guild, then the fork should check that variable [####:Class] is 3, not 1 like in the above guild.
Make sure to decrease/increase the same stats throughout the whole process.

Things you can add to "customize" it more:
You could make the person have to do quests before being accepted into the guild. eg. For the fighter guild maybe you have to rescue/protect someone, for the thief maybe you have to steal something.
Give the character a certain skill for each guild eg:
Magic: Scan? Offensive/Defensive Spell?
Thief: Steal? Lock pick?
Fighter: Berserk? Protect?
(all these skills would have to be made by you, also make sure you take the skills away when joining another guild)
Have guild quests, where you can visit your guild and they can give you quests, where upon completion you could receive a permanent stat boost to the main skills of that guild eg:
Fighter: Atk, Hp
Mage: Mp, Mind
Thief: Agility, Atk
Add more guilds:
Dark Priest
Let your imagination run wild.
Sub Guilds, where in order to get into some guilds you must have gotten say an item from a primary guild (Fighter, Mage and Thief) which will allow you to get into more specilist guilds where they give you new skills/stats. (Mage= Priest, Dark Priest Thief= Rouge, Archer Figher= Paladin, Barbarian)
Could let all heroes (instead of just main) join guilds, this would require one variable per other hero.

Finished, my first tutorial. If there are any bugs, please tell me.