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Tutorial - 'Rappelling System' by ATARI

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Need to Rappel down that cliff in your game? This tutorial tells you all that you need to know to do so.


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to create a rappelling system in your RPG!

Things that you will need to know to use this RPG:
1. Password Commands
2. Fork Conditions
3. Switches
4. Variables

So what exactly do I mean when I say “rappelling system?” Well, if you’ve ever played Splinter Cell, you would have used a system just like this. Basically, this system will enable your character in certain situations to rappel off the sides of cliffs to get to the bottom of the cliff.

The first thing that you want to do is to create a new map. Make this map’s width 20, and it’s height about 40. It should look like a long, vertical rectangle. From there on, make the map look something like this below.

Next, on the map, place your character at the top of the cliff. Then have there be like a small pole sticking out the ground somewhere on that top part of the cliff. Where you have that pole, put an event in front of it. Make this event a push key event, and name the event, “rappel system.” In there, make it display a message that says, “Do you want to rappel down the cliff?” Then insert a show choice option of YES and NO. Under the NO, case and END case, have nothing. The YES case is where the action will take place.

Before you go any farther though, open up the database. In here, create a new item. Name the item, “rappelling rope.” Make it a common good item. Make it’s price about 600 gold, and make it’s description whatever you feel would go along well with a rope that sends you down the cliff.

Next, go back to the map, and create some new events. Make this event’s graphics look of that of a rope dangling down somewhere. Make the event’s starting condition switch the switch “rappelling1.” Make its layer below hero. You should be able to walk on the event when the switch is turned on. This is good, because this rope event is the event that’s going to be used for your hero as a rope. Next, once you have that event created, you are going to need to move the event, and then make some copies of the event by using control + c and control + v. Look at the picture for where you want the event and it’s copies. (Copy and Paste it the best btw)

Next, return back to the “rappel system.” Under the yes case, make a new fork condition. Have this fork condition ask “IF hero has at least 1 of item, ‘rappelling rope.’” In the else case of this fork condition, have a message display that denies your hero access. Under the fork condition that you just made, (as in the case when hero has at least one), have an item change command appear that removes 1 of your hero’s rappelling ropes. Then have it wait 0.1 seconds, and turn on the switch “rappelling1.”

Next, you’ll have to create some graphics that resemble your hero walking down backwards off the side of a cliff. I’m not sure where you are going to get those, so you’ll have to make something, or just make do with whatever you have.

Back in the “rappel system” event, after the switch is turned on, have it more your hero down one space, change graphics, and then move your hero down once more. Your hero should be on the rope now. Next in this event, create a new page. Make this new page’s starting condition switch be “rappelling1.” Make it an “on hero touch” event. In here, have it change your hero’s graphics back to normal, and then turn off the switch “rappelling1.”

Next, create another event on this map. Name it, “rappel system2” and have its starting condition switch be “rappelling1.” Have this new event a parallel process event. In here, insert a wait 0.1 seconds event. Following, put in a password command event. Make it use the variable “rappelsystem.” Select the check by the (5) (enter button) and do not check the “wait until key is pressed” option. Below that, create a new fork condition that says, “IF variable ‘rappelsystem’ is equal to 5, then” create a new move event command. Have its frequency the highest possible, and in the commands, have it move your hero down three spaces using the move event command. This basically creates your hero jumping down, instead of rappelling down, which is usually what is done when you are rappelling down. At the bottom of this event, insert a wait 0.1 seconds event.

Finally at the bottom of the cliff, create another event. Name it, “rappel system3.” Have it turn off the switch “rappelling1.”

So that is all that there is to creating a simple rappelling system to your RPG! Don’t forget that you can add on things to this event, like make the graphics actually jump when you press enter, and do things like shoot off while you are rappelling, or whatever. This is just a basic system, so feel free to add whatever you want.

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