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Tutorial - 'Turning Rm2k' by Guest

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A tutorial showing a neat (albeit simple) little trick that you can use to make RM2K3's side-view battle system look like RM2K's front-view battles.


Let me start off by saying this is my first tut. I read alot of tuts here and the other day I made this neat battle sys setup for rm2k3 that makes it work just like rm2k with no coding at all. I figured I might as well post it some body may get some use out of it.

First thing you need to do is make a new battle char and make the sprites for it all invisable. I did this by opening one of the battle chars in mspaint. Then I used the pepet and got the background color and colored the whole image with that color. Once this is done you can save it with your other battle chars.

The next step is to open the database and go to battle animation. Once there make a new set of animations by clicking on the data max change button at the bottem and adding more lines for characters. When you get the char made name it something I named mine blank.
In the center of the screen you should see three tabs. Weapon, Standard, and Extra. Click Standard and under it there sould be 8 boxs. Under each box is a caption like right had attack, left hand attack, ect... set all the graphics for these to the blank you just made. Once those 8 are set you will see that there are 4 tabs just above them that say 1-8, 9-16, ect... you need to set all of the 8 graphics in those to the blank as well. Then go to the heros area of the database and select the blank battle char for all of your heros battle graphics. This will make the heros invisable diring battles.

The next thing to do is get some monsters that are facing the screen, not off to the left. Then goto monster group and put the new monster in a group. Then click on his pic in the window at the top and move his image to the center of the screen. Now the monster is in the middle and looking at you. Next goto the battle setting area of the database. About half way down the screen on the left you will see the options for arrangment. They are set and auto. You want to select the set option. Right under that option there is one that says menu type. I like to use the hero face option as it looks the best in my opinion.

After you set that you will need to select your hero from the list on the top left. You now will need to move him around the picture window like you did your monster. However your hero will be invisable so you will need to click around the left side of the window to find him. Once you click him a box will appear around him. You then need to move the box with you invisable hero in it over his face graphic. This makes it so when the hero gets attacked the battle animation will appear over the heros face and the damage taken will as well. you need to click around the window and drag it over each heros face for each hero in you game. If your having trouble with finding the invisable hero you can set his battle graphic to a sprite then move it to the face then change it back to invisable.

Thats it. Its done. Now it should play just like Rm2k. Im sorry for any grammer mistakes as I am very tired right now. If my tut is a little difficult to understand I would appricate it if someone wanted to rewrite it. Thanks for reading.