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Tutorial - 'Guide to Editing Graphics' by Guest

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A tutorial by 1000yearsofpain showing how to "combine" and recolor chipsets.


Guide to Editing
Editing is basically taking a graphic, and then altering it to best suit your needs. This can come in handy if, let's say, one chipset has a thing you want, and another chipset having another thing, you could merge them together. Alternatively, you could also recolour an object if you wanted the same carpet, but in a different colour to convey a different mood, or to show you are in a different place.

The Basics

Firstly, I shall show you the basics by putting one object from one chipset, to another. Open both chipsets you want in Paint, and decide on the object you want to move. In my case, I am opening the RTP Town and Inside chipsets, and picking the lantern to move (from Inside to Town chipset).

Now, select the lantern in a 16x16 square. You can tell if you have done this by looking at the bottom toolbar of paint.

Now copy, and paste it into the town chipset, over an object you no longer want in there. In this instance, I have chosen to put it over the ladder. Remember, though, to put it in another 16x16 grid reference, otherwise it may overlap onto another object when using the chipset.

And there you go! Now onto the more advanced stuff.

Recolouring Images in Paint

Firstly, find an image you want recolouring. I shall be using a piece of armour (1), and changing it's colour from blue to red.

Let's start with the darkest shade first (in my case, the dark blue outline) and replace it with a different colour with the same darkness ((2) dark red for me).

Next do the second darkest colour, doing the same as you do for step 2 (3). Repeat this until you get a completely recoloured picture (4). If you wish to recolour any other part of it, simply repeat steps 1-4 for the rest.

You can apply these techiniques to a lot of things, such as to add a little more life to RTP. I shall leave you now with an example of a quick recolour of the RTP carpet.

1000yearsofpain, logging off.