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Tutorial - 'Saving Sprites Compatible with RM2k/3 in Photoshop' by Guest

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A tutorial that shows you how to save RM2K/3-compatible 256-bit color resources using Photoshop 7/CS.


So, you want to make sprites, but you think Idraw and paint arent suffecient enough to make high tech graphics. Well heres a solution just for you!

Sprite Sheets not coming out right for you in photoshop? Colours screwed up? Coming out Totally blank? Transparency not appearing? Well this tuts for you.

Works for RPG Maker 2k and 2k3.

making a sprite (im not teaching on steps to make the sprite, but to save it properly)

1. Get a template.

2. Press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C. Then close the template

3. Click File>New

4. Make sure its set to transparent. and leave the measures as they are by default.
then click OK

5. Press Ctrl+V and youll see your newly untitled template. the reason for the ctrl+c and ctrl+v was so we would clear the png pallete, and get a new one with all the colours.

6. Make your sprites or what ever.

7. make the background colour all the same.

8. Example:

9. Now, what you all came to see in this tutorial! Saving the Sprite compatible with RM2k/3!

10. Goto File> Save for Web

11. Now follow these steps the same way as I do them:



iv) Save

Thats it!