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Tutorial - 'Rm2k Font Changing' by Guest

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Want to make it so you can use any font you like in RM2k? This tutorial shows you an easy way how to do so.


What you will learn from this tutorial is the ability to change any font you choose to work in rpg maker 2003 (never tested on 2000). This isn't the best way to do it, however it's simple and it works.

What you'll need to do is download a copy of High Logic Font Creator 5.0. Once you have downloaded and installed it, open it up. Now we simply have to find the font you want to use as your font in rpg maker 2003. Click File and scroll to open and wait a second, a side menu will appear with the option to go to "INSTALLED FONT" or "FONT FILE". If your font file you want to use is already installed then click "INSTALLED FONT" if it's on your computer somewhere i.e desktop. Then click "FONT FILE" and browse to where the font is located.

Once you have chosen a font from the two methods stated above. We have to rename parts of the file so we can trick rpg maker 2003 to believe that that is the font it needs to use. Picking a font can be difficult because a lot of them do not display properly or are ugly when used. Make sure you chose something that can handle font sizes of 8 because that is what rpg maker uses. I've chose Impact for my games. It's quite good and I like it.

Once you have chosen a font. Click "Format" at the top bar and scroll to "Naming". Rename the following to "rm2000"

Under All Of the Stated Titles Rename to rm2000:

Include Font Family Name

Include Unique Font Identifier

Include Full Font Name

And Include PostScript Name

Change all of these to rm2000. I never actually tried clicking the checkboxes but I suggest you try following this tutorial and once you get your fonts, experiment with the checkboxes later.

Now all that's left is to save your NEW font as .TTF with the filename "rm2000". DO NOT SAVE DIRECTLY INTO FONT FOLDER. Save somewhere on your computer and then open your font folder. start>settings>control panel>Fonts (windows xp - classic view) or save it to c:/windows/fonts.

make a back up of the original font file and then delete the current rm2000 file installed if it's installed and replace with a the NEW rm2000 font file.

I suggest you include the original rm2000 font in your game that you make to allow users to choose the original or the new font.

This tutorial was made by me, Macubex, the computer wiz. Stay toon for more tutorials. If you use this tutorial please give credit to me. any questions email me at PEACE!