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Tutorial - 'How to Jump by pressing a key' by SSJ6FusedGohan

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A tutorial on assining a "jump" command to a key!


I will tell you how to jump by pressing a key.
You need to read the steps carefully, please.
Do not rush, or your events will get screwed.
I will put the steps on order so dont email
me about that they arent in order...
You can email me, as long as you dont bug me!

First, click on tools and then click database.
Now click the "Common Events" tab.
Name the event "jump" or something.
Just make it simple, like 1,2,3,4,5 whatever.
Set the common event to "Parallel Process."
Right-click on , now click insert.
Click on the 3rd tab, and then clicK "Enter Password."
Now you will see another window with checkmarks.
Make sure "Wait Until Key Hit" is checkmarked.
Uncheckmark the rest of the commands.
Then select a variable called "The jump." No period.
Checkmark "Descision(5)", now click "OK."
Right-click on , and then click on insert command.
Now click on the 2nd tab, and click on "Move Event."
Select the "Hero" as the person to jump, ya know.
Then click "Start Jump" and then "Step Forward."
Now click the "End Jump" command, click "OK."
Now you are done, if you got problems, just email
me at, or either
talk to me at aim, my SN is "SSJ6FusedGohan."
No period, anywayz this is how it would look like.

Enter Password:[0001:The jump]
Move Event...: Hero ,Start Jump ,Forward ,End Jump

This was pretty easy right?
You can jump anywhere!

Note:If you want to jump more than 1 space, add
another forward in the middle.If you want to
jump you have to press (Z) or (ENTER) if you
dont like it that way, change it by going to
"Enter Password." and select other commands.
If you still dont understand or too lazy to ask.
Read the "Help file!" its not there for nothing!