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Tutorial - 'Friendship Point System' by ATARI

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Want to create a friendship system like that of Star Ocean? Then you should check this tutorial out!


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to create a Friendship Point System in your RPG!

Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial:
1. Variables
2. Switches
3. Fork Conditions

So what exactly do I mean when I say a “Friendship Point System?” Well, if you have ever played Star Ocean, (this system is similar to that of Star Ocean 2) then you would most likely know what I am talking about. With each of the characters that you gain to your party, you can have private actions between your main character and the other characters as well. These add to friendship points (and in some cases, romance points, but this tutorial does not cover how to create those) and with certain amounts of friendship points between different characters result in different endings and variations in events later in the game.

So first of all, open up rm2k and go to the world map map of your project. Find a place on the map where when your main character reaches it, you would go into a town. Now in the event where you would teleport your character into the town, add a show choice command. Have it show between the choices, “Enter Town,” “Private Action” and “Leave.” Under the “Enter Town” option, make it so that your character teleports to the town normally. Under the “Leave” command, have your character face down and move down one step (or whatever direction is most appropriate.) This may seem a little too basic, but you can spice this part up later once your have completed your system.

Under the “Private Action” option, you will have to deal with creating a whole new system. Under this choice, turn on a switch under the name “[TownName]PA.” Of course, your replace [TownName] with the name of your town. Next then you can do something optional. You can create a new variable, and name it the same name. Then have it’s value be a random number between the numbers 1 and 3. This is only optional, but it makes it so that there are different private actions that occur when you enter the town at different times. This tutorial will not be using that system.

Now, remove all the characters in your party except for the main character. You will be able to talk to these characters in town rather, and then don’t need to be in your party, as it really is a “private” action. Finally, insert a teleport event that teleports your main character to the town map.

Next, in the town map of the town that you have this occurring, go and find some events. Insert a new page and have the new pages starting condition switch be the switch that you just created with the Private Action. Insert a different message for what they say rather than what it is normally. This is the simplest form of Private Actions. The second form is with shops. Make the main character state that they need all the party members to stay at the in using the same system as you used with the random NPC above.

Next, create some new events on the map that have the graphics of the other people in your party. Have their starting condition switches be the “[TownName]PA” switch. An example that we would use in this tutorial is one with a second main character. Have the switch be on for them in this town. Make them ask you “If you enjoy being with them.” Then insert a show choice with choices “Yes,” and “No.” Under the “Yes” choice, have the other character respond with something, and then go to the change variable event. Create a new variable of the name, “[CharacterName]FP” and add 1 to the value of that variable. In the “No,” case, remove 1 from that variable.

After this, turn on another switch called “[CharacterName][TownName]PA.” Then create a new page with this character’s event, and have the starting condition switches be the original switch, and the new switch that you created. This is so that you cannot consciously mess with that character’s friendship points. I know that that example that I used was very cheesy and probably wouldn’t work well in an actual game, but that shows that basics of how this system works.

Next, in the events for when you leave the town, create a new page with the “[TownName]PA” switch as the starting condition. Have it add everybody back to your party, wait 0.1 seconds, and then teleport back to the world map. This is so you have your characters back when you leave the town. Finally in this event, turn off the “[TownName]PA” switch, but only that switch.

Finally, for the end of your game, when you get to the point, create a new fork condition at a certain point. Have it check the variable “[CharacterName]FP” and see if it is a certain value, greater than/less than/equal to, etc. etc.” Then in the result portion of that fork condition, have it show a certain ending with the main character and that character. In the else case, show a different ending with that character and the main character. The higher that value is, the better the ending is. So for example, if the value was twenty, the main character and this other character would be shown getting along, having fun. If it was at 0, or something in the negatives, you could show them hating each other, fighting, etc.

So that is basically all that there is to creating a friendship point system in your RPG. Remember to expand on this system by using this like the random variable, and possibly even romance points if you want to add that to this system as well.

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