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Tutorial - 'How to enhance the RM2k3 Battle System' by PauanPiupl

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A very-well written tutorials showing newbies how to use RM2K3's character attack animation dialog.


This is my first tutorial, so bear with me. I will attempt to explain how to make the standard RM2k3 battle system better. First I will explain what system I'm talking about. In the basic RM2k3 battle system, you have the monsters on the left side, while the heroes stand on the right, the monsters stand still, while attacking your heroes, and the heroes stand still, while attacking the monsters. This tutorial is designed for people who are just starting to use RM2k3, and I will explain how to make your characters move, jump, and do other motions that make the game more fun and realistic. For this tutorial I will use three heroes, three monsters, two items, and two "skills" (magic/tech). The three heroes will be called Alek, Baxter, and Claire. The three monsters will be a snake, a centipede, and a spider. The two items will be a Sword and a Bow, and the two "skills" will be 'Triple Attack' and 'Fireball'. To start, let's open up RM2k3. At the beginning, you should see the splash screen, and then the program will open. You can either do this in an existing game, or create a new one. I will create a new game called 'Tutorial'. You should now see something like this:

Now click on the Database (F8) button. The Database (hopefully) will open up, with the 'Hero' tab opened. I will now name my characters, give them good stats, and give them a 'Battle Sprite'. A Battle Sprite is used by the program to display your character in battle, so just hit the drop down menu and select whatever you want your hero to look like. Now that your heroes are ready, click on the 'Item' tab. Now make two items, one called Sword, and one called Bow (or Long Sword and Long Bow, your pick). Give them whatever stats you want. Your page should now look something like this:

Now click on this button:

And you'll get a nice little screen like this:

Now hit this drop down menu:

And you'll get four choices: None, Step Forward, Jump Forward, and Move to Target. None means your character just swings the sword, but otherwise doesn't move at all (really boring). Step Forward means the characters will step forward a couple steps, then swing the sword (still hitting thin air though), Jump Forward is the same thing as Step Forward, except instead of walking, your character will jump a few feet instead. Lastly, Move to Target means your character will actually walk TO the monster, take out his/her sword, then HIT the monster! (The most realistic) Also, to the right of the menu, you'll see two radio buttons, Add and None. Add means that when your character moves, he/she will be followed by hallucinations, while None means that you'll only see the character move (try both, see which you like better). You can repeat this process for the Bow. Also, you will want Move to Target for melee weapons (sword, club, whip, etc) while you'll want either None, Step Forward, or Jump Forward for long range weapons. (bow, throwing knife, boomerang, etc). For example, for the Sword I put it on Move to Target, so the hero will walk up to the enemy, then slash. However, for the Bow I put it on Step Forward, and for "skills" I put Jump Forward (more on this later). Now we move onto the ‘Skill’ tab. Here we will name one skill 'Triple Attack' and one 'Fireball'. The steps are exactly the same for “skills” as they were for the items, the only difference is that instead of your character punching, they will stand there with an aura around their feet (you’ll see what I mean). For the ‘Triple Attack’ I put the animation Punch A and had the hero run up to the enemy and punch. For the ‘Fireball’ I put the animation Fire Breath and made the character jump forward while assuming a “skill” stance. Hopefully this will help you to make your battles more lively and interesting rather than just having the hero swing his sword at thin air. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Any comments on how to make it better are appreciated.

-Pauan Paran Piupl