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Tutorial - 'Secret Of Mana Cannon System' by Guest

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A simple cannon system based off that of Secret of Mana


Hi, I bet those of you who have played Secret of Mana really wanted a cannon like that in their game, correct?
Well I will tell you how, and here is the things that you need: Photoshop 4, Animget, RPG Maker 2003 or 2000. You can get Animget from the utilities section on this site, it basicly can take screenshots of things on the screen, and photoshop 4 can be downloaded for free(not the full version) on the internet and these things are both small downloads and easy to find. Now, on the to tutorial!!

First you need to open up animget and do not turn it to active yet. Make your world map, used for your cannon view from the sky, then click on 1/4 or 1/8 as long as you can see the whole map. Now, put it on the second layer so there is no lines when you get your shot. Now activate animget and go to the screen where you can see your map. Now change the size to 1/1 or something then back again so animget can detect a difference and capture the shot. Ok now save the shot in animget then open up paint shop pro. Click open file then open up the perfect shot of your map. Now press the selection tool(crop selection) then outline perfectly your world map. Now go to edit then copy several times. Now you go back to edit then click paste, now click "In new File" so basically you got your world map and nothing else in that new file. Then you "save as" into the picture folder of your game. Now you are ready to make the cannon scene.

First you make 3 maps each one 20x15, then the first should have the cannon with the man asking if you want to use the cannon. Then have it so your character walks into the cannon and have an explosion and flash the screen white.
Ok now on the next screen, the part where you see our brave hero fly, you put an event on the top left corner, parrallel process. Now have the show picture command with 200 percent magnifying at the center of the screen, which is the default. With screll with screen NOT checked. Make sure it is our Picture.

Now for the code, have a hide screen then show pic(the show pic we just discussed) then show screen. Now have a move pic with the only thing is 195 Magnification, so we have the illusion of going high in the sky. Now keep having move pics but magnifying going down by 5% each time until you get to 75 percent. Oh yeah and make sure when you have the move pic that the transition time is .2 seconds and have a wait command between each move pic that is wait .1 second.

Now when you get to 75 percent you want to shift the pic to make it look like your moving. So for example if your going left then have the next move pic(same magnification) set to +10 on the x axis, or -10 if you are heading right. So if you are heading up then the move pic should shift +10 on the y axis and - 10 if you are going down. Now for example, your guy is going to the up and left. Your move pic should be -10 y and -10 x each time. Oh yea and have transition time of .3 seconds and a wait of .2 between each one.
Now from here once you keep shifting the x and y amounts until you get to your desired location, you must reverse it so it looks like you are going down. So just have as the same before except going from 75 percent to 200 percent,
5 percent up each time. Now once that is done, at the end of your coding have a teleport event to your location. You can have hide screen then a fall sound and show screen if you want to. Also remember that when you want to go in a different direction to change the x and y shift of the picture. I really do not know how to show your character on the screen when you are in the sky except for having him as a picture. Well, that about wraps it up, oh yeah and
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