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Tutorial - 'Steal Command' by Guest

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A tutorial that shows how to make a steal command that allows a thief to steal from one single monster at a time rather than all of them at once.


I haven't seen a good, fleshed out, steal system tutorial (though there may be one) so here it goes. This one covers the basics and gives ground work to do better things.(This was done in rpg2k3 but i doubt that will change much if anything)

First go to Battle Layout in the Database. Set a battle command called Steal (or Mug or whatever you want)and set the type to "attack." Next create a condition that prevents the character from acting from one turn and erases the battle graphic (setting the animation to an unused slot) MAKE SURE IT ABATES AFTER ONE TURN.

Net go to monster groups and in the bottom right there is a place to code the bulk of this command. First set the trigger to ________ uses Steal Command. The Code that follows will look simlar to this:

Change Condition: _______ to (whatever you named the cond)
Branch if 1:Monster 1 is Targeted <----This allows you to steal from only one monster instead of the entire group.
Branch if switch:Stole m1 is ON
Show Battle Animation Steal (or whatever animation)
Message:Nothing to Steal!<---prevents you from stealing again
Show Battle Animation Steal
set target monster = 1 <----deterines reward
Call common event Steal<---this comes next
Branch if Steal Chance = 1
Set stole M1 ON
Set Variable Target monster = 0 <---resets the reward
Remove Condition __________ (whatever you named that condition)
Now Repeat that for every monster you have in the group (leave the remove condition on the bottom),and place it in every monster party (the ammount of code will depend on the number of monsters in the group). With slight differences. Make new switches for monster 2 and change the target monster variable (we're getting to what thats for).

Now go to common events and make these 2 events.

Name one event reset steal, put it as a parallel process and have it turn every m# stole variable to off. The ammount depends on the number of monsters in your biggest monster party. This will make sure you can steal in the next battle.

Now for the items

Name the next event steal and set it to trigger:call. The code that follows is going to depend on the range of items that you want to be stealable. It should look similar to this

Branch if target monster = (in this case 1)
Change Variable Steal Chance rnd 1-10 <-----clicking the random number between #-# is like a dice roll, this determines the chance of stealing the particular item.
Branch if steal chance = 1
Message:Stole _________!<---whatever item you want
add item=__________ x 1
Message:Couldn't Steal!

-For every new stealable item add 1 to the target monster branch.
-change the odds of stealing depending on the rarity/strength of the item.
-to make it so you can steal one item but have the chance of another rarer item increase the steal chance random number range, change the common items steal chance to a range of numbers between 1-# and create an additional branch with the same information with the rarer item but with different odds.

Errors you will get if you mess up (I have tried this code out and it does work-at least with 2 monsters and 1 item.

-You may get game over if you mess up with the Condition settings and have one character alive in your party, the remove condition helped when i tested though

-you might get items you don't want if you mess up variables (make a list on notepad or whatever to help this

-Your character might Use his default attack while or after stealing if you mess up with the condition (of you want this ignore the condition completely)

That about covers it I think. Its my first tutorial so if you can't get something to work let me know and I'll figure out what I missed.