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Tutorial - 'Warp Systems' by Animus

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Make a warp system! Like in Zelda 3!


This is a tutorial on how to build a warp system like one in The Legend of Zelda Link
to the Past"

This will require minimum knowledge of switches, variables, items, and common events.

Step 1)Creating the item. Create an item. Name it what you want and give it the description
you want. Now that you have the basic item, Go to the classification dropdown on the item
screen, and change it too "Switch". Now go to "Price" Set it at whatever you want the item
to be sold for. Now to customize the amount of times its used before its ruined ,go to
"Use number of times", change it to what you want. Now to finish off the item, go to "ON
Switch" And create a switch called "warp". Thats it now youre done with the item! on to
the next step!

Step 2)Creating the Warp points. First of all, you want to make sure the person has
actually BEEN to the place hes warping, so make an event on each map you canwarp to,
make it paralell process, then have the event add one your a variable, lets call it
"warp points". Now youre done with the ID for the warp points.

Step 3)Creating the warp event. Create a common event. Name it something like "Warp".
Change the type to Auto start. Turn the appearance conditions switch as "Warp". Now,
heres the difficult part. You need to make a chain of fork options to check how many
warp points the player has been to. To do this create a fork option, check add else case.
Go to variable and set it as the warp variable you used earlier at all of your warp maps
then set the number as the number of warp points you have. That will check the variable
to see if youve been to all the locations.Next you want to show a message asking where
to warp, then show choice for every warp point. If you have more than four simply do three
on the first page of choices and a more option, and so forth till you have all of them
displayed. Now if you havent been to all the locationsbut you still want to be able to
use the warp, then just make an fork option in the else case of the first fork option
just like the last one, with one less warp choice, and the variable requirement on
the fork option needs to be one less. Continue like this until you have the amount
of the variable reduced to zero. To add one last finishing touch. On the fork option for
Zero, make NO else case and just show a message that notifies the player that they have
not been to any of the warp points.

There you go! You have your warp system, now go out there and finish your game!