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Tutorial - 'How To Make Some Parts Of Your Game 3D' by 3dnewbie

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An tutorial on how to make some parts of your game appear 3-dimensional


To start you need a nice long saturday. Then you need a 3D editor , I used Ulead Cool 3D.

First open a normal picture editing program open a chipset( It was the easiest thing to do). find out the dimensions of each sqaure. then look at it and start to work. I am doing a tree because it is rather simple

Create a cylinder make it browm and give it a woody texture.(this will be your trunk)Make it as wide as you want it to be then lower it some. Next create a sphere make it green. copy and paste it in differant areas atop of the cylinder. And there is a tree.

If you are a beginner with your 3D program then only doing the chipsets is best. Also it can give you a paper mario look to your game.

Making the chara is hard putting it in the different positions is simple a la rotation and item placement
you make a boot shape for the feet. copy and paste them side by side .next make the lower garment, pants, skirt, etc. next a shirt then arms note make one arm and hand then flip it and then place it in the proper spot. then the head make a standard head lips nose eyes ears and hair.
place averything acordingly and group the objects together. then save the pic rotate one boot back a little and rotate the other boot forward then save this, then do the opposite to the boots and save.

Rotate the entire chara to the acording directionsN,E,S,W.
and save.

To make facesets just voom in on the faces you made before and voila! Now you have 3d objects to put in your game.