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Tutorial - 'Getting items by Time' by Terra

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First this Tutorial (my first) Is based on getting items within a time limit. This is extremely easy.


First this Tutorial (my first) Is based on getting items within a time limit. This is extremely easy.
These are what you have to know.
-Fork Conditions
-Timer Operations
-Adding Items

I will walk through them if you are a newbie to Rpgmaker 2000.

First Make an Event In you game where you have to Beat a boss or something along there like reaching a certain place. Well use a Boss. So Open up the data base and make any kind of monster you want. Then go and make the monster party.

Now go out of the database and make a normal event. Make it Start by a "Push key" command. Then put in the picture of the enemy In the "select graphic zone" This makes it so when you walk around youll see the picture of his body in compact form. You can use the rtp sets they have a few cool monsters. Now on the right make a message like
Im gonna kill you or something like that. Then a Start combat event. Select the right monster party.

Right before that you have to creat the timer event right? Well before you put in the monsters attack. Select Timer Operations its on the first page. Check off "Set" then put in however many Minutes and second you want to give them. Now create the same event only this time check off "Start"
and also at the bottom check off "Display Timer" and "available in battle" That way they can see how long they have. Well use a 10 minute timer

Now after the start combat event put in a Timer operations again but this time Check off stop Timer.
Now for the Items. Well use 2 Items armour and potion.

Now make a fork conditions event. and check off timer and set it to 8 Minutes select above in the box. Make sure add else case is not checked. Inside that Fork make an add item event make it some armour, helmet,weapon or shield but make it good. Remember to make the message. Then make a change switch event Call the switch "End" Or something Then add a second Page and call It Finished or something. Make the event conditions the switch you just made "End" and leave it blank. Now on the FIRST page make another fork conditions event set it to timer. Make it 8 minutes But in the box put Below Instead. Make an add item event and put a potion then add a message. Then a Change switch event choose the same switch "End".
Then do whatever you want to do you may change the time and items. Do Whatever.