version 0.4.0 – August 09 2013

Warning: this release has some breaking changes. If you the old selector expression syntax (eg. Bootstrap 2.3) then it’s recommended to use 0.3.9.

  • Add support for ; as argument delimiter
  • Add support for passing arguments by name to mixin
  • Remove old selector expression syntax ("hello")
  • Remove ability to skip arguments by repeating delimiter
  • Add built in functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, pow, pi, mod, sqrt, extract
  • Fix bug where @arguments was not getting values from ...
  • Selector interpolation works inside of brackets in selector
  • Fix bug when resolving mixin that has same name as enclosing class
  • Duplicate properties are now removed from output

version 0.3.9 – March 02 2013

  • Fixes compile issue with latest version of bootstrap
  • Support nested interpolations
  • Support interpolations inside of selectors
  • Variables can be inside of a @media declaration — Matt Labrum
  • transparent is recognized as a color — Nikolay Yordanov
  • Add unit, red, green, blue, constrast functions — Lucas Green, Peter Knight, kaystrobach

version 0.3.8 – August 18 2012

  • Fix bug preventing Bootstrap’s responsive.less from compiling correctly
  • User functions will already recieve colors in color format
  • Compressed mode will always compress colors
  • Fixed typos

version 0.3.7 – August 11 2012

  • Overhauled PHP API. See documentation. The old interface is still available, just deprecated and no longer documented.
  • Performance optimizations, 25% speed up on average.
  • Imports can be inside of mixins.
  • Import urls can contain expressions.
  • Various bug fixes.

version 0.3.6 – August 06 2012

  • Added support for @media bubbling, you can now nest media blocks anywhere, and inside of each other.
  • Added a option to enable the preservation of /**/ comments. setPreserveComments
  • Changed default output formatter to match lessjs
  • Change internal structure of numbers and strings, you will have to update your registered functions.
  • Disabled color compression, fixed a bug in sorting of properties that prevent your from overwriting same named properties.
  • Fixed alpha(opacity=) bug. Better support for IE style colors in filter() values.
  • Better fallback for expressions that can’t be evaluated.
  • Misc bug fixes, enhanced test coverage significantly (now using travisci)

version 0.3.5 – June 10 2012

version 0.3.4-2 – April 12 2012

  • Fixed error about missing is_vararg for some blocks

version 0.3.4 – April 12 2012

  • Added Selector Expressions
  • Allow for mixins to recurse
  • Added varags syntax
  • Fixed bug with ~ and string interpolation
  • ceil function (krues8dr), argb function (Barryvdh)
  • Misc bug fixes

version 0.3.3 – February 26 2012

  • Importing done before evaluating to allow referencing mixins imported from other files before they are defined.
  • Fixed spin function to wrap hue around 0-360
  • Resulting unit of math expressions matches less.js in all cases
  • Division operator handled more like less.js (using property name, see division section of Expressions)
  • Mixins look up variables in their lexical scope when being mixed (instead of the target scope)
  • Expressions in variables evaluated in referenced scope instead of declared scope
  • Infinite loop detection for new evaluation model
  • Improved error messages for compile time errors
  • Expressions can be placed in @media queries
  • Default arguments appear in @arguments
  • Tweaked output of color functions to match less.js
  • Misc Bug fixes

version 0.3.2 – February 15 2012

  • Pattern matching
  • Guards
  • Variable variables
  • Testing script works on windows (thanks GerHobbelt)
  • Instance of lessc passed to extension functions as second arg
  • Fix broken nested import bug
  • Misc bug fixes

version 0.3.1 – January 08 2012

version 0.3.0 – November 27 2011

  • compatibility update for lessjs
  • changed argument delim to ,
  • don’t need a > to delimit mixin path
  • added % string escape function
  • change string variable interpolation syntax to @{var}
  • psuedo classes are not joined automatically when nested
  • & can be used anywhere in selector to represent parent
  • ~ operator, and e function for unquoting a string

version 0.2.0 – March 27 2010

version 0.1.6 – August 21 2009

  • rewrote command line tool, plessc, with more logical argument parsing and proper exit codes
  • separate blocks of the same name will now merge instead of overwriting each over
  • fixed a bug with any type of mixin not searching outside the scope
  • updated this webpage

version 0.1.5 – August 06 2009

  • wrote documentation, see http://leafo.net/lessphp/docs/
  • added support for variables inside of strings
  • mixins append their data into the block instead of overwriting
  • fixed a bug where rgb was being ignored since 0.1.4

version 0.1.4 – August 04 2009

  • blocks that start with @ are treated as abstract blocks and are not printed out
  • all blocks/mixins can now take argument lists (with default args) and be treated as functions
  • fixed bug with nested blocks inside of a mixin printing the name of the mixin
  • added the ability to specify import directory for @import
  • the correct import directory is figured out automatically when you compile from file path
  • fixed bug with @import and comments in imported file

version 0.1.3 – July 28 2009

  • setting variables to themselves in equations works how you expect
  • parentheses are supported in arithmetic
  • all variables and arithmetic do lazy evaluation, variables are set to the equation and not the value
  • code no longer throws php notices

version 0.1.2-1 – July 23 2009

  • issue with comments and whitespace on head of document fixed

version 0.1.2 – July 23 2009

  • Performance enhancements (50% faster compile for average case)
  • Accepts more native css properties and values (still some trouble with more advanced css3 stuff)
  • Better string support in general
  • Comments will no longer be interpreted from within strings

version 0.1.1 – July 22 2009

  • New @import parsing, supports media
  • Repeated properties are all written instead of overwriting each other
  • Support for additional css properties and values that were left out
  • New comment parsing prevents comments inside of strings from being removed
  • Added a static compile on demand function to lessc
  • Updated command line utility significantly
  • Fixed color rendering bug for small rgb values

version 0.1.0 – July 21 2009

  • Initial release
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