A new leafo.net

I registered leafo.net over 11 years ago, on April 25th 2004, with nothing in mind. By December I had managed to turn it into a complete CMS with message board, blog posts, tutorials, news aggregator, and a flash arcade. My internet friends registered, we chatted. Sadly that was about as cool leafo.net ever became. I was obsessed with trying to build the ultimate message board from scratch in PHP. There were probably at least half a dozen attempts deployed over the years. The continual re-writes a result of the lessons learned discovering what it means to build a piece of software that isn’t a complete mess.

The site has been hosted on the same shared host since 2005, I don’t even think it’s ever been migrated to another physical server. Every file uploaded preserved in time since I was too lazy to move or delete anything. Many older versions of leafo.net are still live and functional!

I did not use version control back then, so I only have access to code of the projects from the moment I decided to stop working on them.

I was able to find three distinct versions of leafo.net still in operation, so I extracted the source to GitHub. I won’t be sharing live versions because they're riddled with security vulnerabilities, but you can check out the code:

I collected screenshots of the running versions along with screenshots I could find on the FTP:

A screenshot of leafo.net from 2005
One of the first released leafo.net versions, from 2005
An unreleased leafo.net forum from 2007
An unreleased leafo.net forum from 2007
The released version of leafo.net in 2007
The released version of leafo.net in 2007
The 2009 version, never released
The 2009 version, never released

Even to this day I'm still writing message board software, I wonder what my 16 year old self would think.

After giving up on the 2009 version of the site, along with having a community, I turned it into a plain portfolio page with a list of links. It’s pretty much been like that since then. (Although the list of projects has been growing quite steadily.)

I figured it’s a good time to give leafo.net another push to see if I can turn it into something worthwhile. I dusted off sitegen with refactors and new features. What you see now is the new leafo.net.

I'd like to use leafo.net as a personal corpus. A knowledge dump where each post has a little bit of me and my interests at that time embedded into it.

When I was digging through leafo.net’s FTP I enjoyed the various files, images, and code I discovered from when I was in high school and college. These days my creations are typically put elsewhere, and the leafo.net FTP is not getting that much use.

Hopefully I can continue the spirit of the site by keeping it updated with various posts, tutorials, and whatever else I can think of.

I wrote two inaugural posts:

Looking forward to another 11 years of leafo.net.